Madonna’s Diet And Fitness Program

Days and days of intense charity work, raising 3 children and then giving all the young and vibrant and rather unchallenged divas even in their 20s and 30s a rush for their money is what Madonna is all about. The epitome of beauty and an enigma when it comes to everlasting youth, people often wonder if the Material Girl has actually run into the fountain of youth when no one was watching. While this will perpetually remain a mystery, according to the diva, her secrets lie in her rigorous and often trying diet and fitness regimen. Here is a very quick glance into the basics that are included in her schedule…

Madonna’s Fitness Regimen

The Brit Award 2015 was not the best time of Madonna’s life and has been one of those occasions where anyone’s fitness would have been put to test. For the timeless diva who ‘likes to be amazing’ all the time, this was a straight forward nightmare that she wished never happened. However, all thanks to her core strength and flexibility; she pulled through with very little damage indeed! So, one can understand that the regimen she follows is not just all about ‘body beautiful’ but pure strength and conditioning as well.

On normal occasions, Madonna works out for 2 hours every 6 days a week. Her focus always remains on hard core cardiovascular exercises like yoga, pilates, swimming, running, cycling, weightlifting, martial arts and of course, horse riding, which happens to be one of her favorites. As far as yoga is concerned, which is taken very seriously by Madonna, her focus has always been on Ashtanga Yoga which includes a range of postures that require to be performed progressively and that too by synchronizing one’s breathing patterns with it.

Madonna fitness

This in itself, causes intensive workout of infinite different muscle groups in the body, shaping and toning them to perfection while burning out every millimeter of fat that could have made its way under the skin. This is one of the most effective exercises that can result in long term shaping effects. Madonna sticks to her exercise rituals religiously and entertains changes only if her performance tours so requires.

Madonna’s Diet Plan

Madonna’s diet can be summed up in a simple word, ‘Microbiotic’. This is one of those dietary plans where the inclusion of certain common foods like wheat, meat, dairy and processed foods are strictly eliminated. The focus of this form of diet is purely unrefined grains accompanied by local vegetables and legumes. In the microbiotic diet, around 50 to 60 percent of calories come from whole grains like buck wheat, brown rice, rye, millet etc; 25 to 30 percent from vegetables and the rest from legumes. This is believed to be one of the most balanced form of diet that is instrumental not just in causing weight loss but combat a number of diseases like asthma, psoriasis and even cancer.

Madonna diet

A Word of Caution

This goes out to all the ladies who could kill to have a body like Madonna’s… please consult a professional trainer and dietician before embarking on her routine. For all you know, Madonna has tens of top trainers and dieticians monitoring her progress by the minute which is a luxury that us the ordinary don’t usually have. So tread with care and invest some time to experience results.

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