Tips For Exercise

Tips For Exercise – Best Body & Healthy Exercise Tips For 2015

If you have been spending your days in the office and your evenings in the couch watching TV, to kick start an exercise schedule could be very tiring. Only thinking of putting your muscles and bones through workout could tire you out even before commencing the regimen. Considering the importance of working out and also considering the reluctance of infinite time bound individuals to take their much necessary “first step” we, at My Health Lists have taken it upon shoulders to make work outs FUN and Functional at the same time.

So, if you ask if you have to slog till you drop… we say “NO”. If you ask if you have to make dramatic changes to your routine to accommodate the schedule or push your body to excesses … we say “NO”. If you however, ask if you can wrap the entire deal up in 20 minutes yet benefit massively from it… we will respond with a whole hearted guaranteed “YES”! In fact, there are hundreds of followers who have lost weight and gained fitness through our unchallenged and often unique tips and techniques to fast weight loss.

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Here are a few highly effective yet unbelievably quick tips to lose weight that a larger section of our readers can swear by…

  • Wake up 30 minutes before your usual time to accommodate a quick workout schedule for weight loss and overall fitness. Working out in the morning aids faster weight loss while keeping you energized throughout the day.

  • Please warm up before starting anything at all. Rotation of all the joints in the body and include 5 minutes of stretching. This will prepare your body for the rigors to follow and prevent aches and pains arising from exertion to claim your day.

  • Try NOT to eat / drink milk based products or anything at all 40 minutes to 1 hour before exercising. This may cause severe acidity and cause unnecessary flatulence in any untrained enthusiast. This will go on to impede the routine because of uninvited sickness.

  • Always try to include essential exercises like squats and push-ups in your routine starting from 2 sets of 8 reps to 3 or more when possible. These workout options work wonder on head to toe toning while strengthening your limbs and core to unquestionable fitness.

  • Never push beyond your means. Aiming for great results is good, but over doing can always land you in the ER. Try and maintain a certain limit and don’t exceed what your body is designed to undertake. Increase the intensity “only” when your body gives the green signal.

  • Don’t blindly follow celebrity schedules. It is sad in fact, to see so many enthusiasts lose their head and their health over some odd celebrity schedule. Exercise routines are designed specifically for specific people. So, what may have been designed for a certain celebrity may prove counter productive on you.

  • Beware and Aware of equipment’s. Always buy equipment’s according to what you need than what you “want”. Consult professionals or read up our useful tips and techniques before buying an exercise or weight loss equipment for home use.

  • Seek professional guidance for specific wants. If you are keen on following certain specific routine for target outcomes it is imperative to seek professional guidance. This way, you are sure to stay safe from harm”s way while attaining your goals with success.

  • Approach “exercise and workout” with perfect enlightenment. And this is what we are here for. Falling back on reliable sources to prepare you about what you are about to embark in is very important. Gaining an idea on what to expect and what not to expect is possible only through proper enlightenment.

  • Never give up half way through. Tough weight needs time to break. So, if the first 5 weeks goes without visible results, try to pump up the next 5 weeks with a more rigorous schedule. Benefits will be sure to follow.