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5 Foods You Must Eat While Trying To Make A Baby

Did you know that eating certain foods can help you get pregnant without having to try too hard? These foods are nothing out of the ordinary and nothing that cannot be availed easily from your nearest grocery store. Basically, these foods contain fertility boosting elements which go a long way in ensuring faster and healthier pregnancy. Here is a list of 5 foods that you must try while trying to make a baby…

Salmon and Shell FishSalmon has multiple health enhancing components, of which Omega 3 fatty acids can be mentioned as one. Salmon is known for improving blood flow to the reproductive organs while improving the functioning of reproductive hormones. A slab of salmon everyday day can thus, speed up your efforts in making a baby.

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Shell fish on the other hand is rich in Vitamin B 12, deficiency of which can cause issues in the implantation of the fertilized egg. A healthy helping of shell fish can thus, go a long way in preventing miscarriage.

Complex Carbohydrates – High blood sugar levels can interfere thoroughly in the process of getting pregnant and this fact has been amply proven by a number of researches conducted in this subject. The intake of simple carbohydrates like sugar rich snacks etc. is known to cause a steep spike in sugar levels which can retard the process of conceiving in the first place.

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Complex carbohydrates like whole grain brown bread, brown rice etc. take longer to break down thus, keeping sugar levels regulated while offering nutrition to the body.

Foods Rich in Vitamin D – A connection between Vitamin D deficiency and infertility in women has been discovered in a study conducted in Yale University. Among the total number of participants in the study, a whopping 93% were seen to suffer clinical deficiency of this essential nutrient. So, to ensure getting pregnant without hassles, it is imperative to maintain Vitamin D in your body preferably through natural sources.

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Eggs, tofu, fortified cereals, mushrooms dairy products, meat etc can be mentioned in the list of foods that should form an undeniable part of your diet. Getting a healthy dose of sunlight is also advised.

Leafy Green Vegetables – Dark leafy green vegetables are rich in Vitamin B and folate which has been linked with healthy ovulation. It has also been seen to produce miracle effects in men as well by improving the quality of sperms. Vegetables like spinach, broccoli etc have been named among the foods that prevent miscarriage and other associated issues while in the process of getting pregnant.

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Olive Oil – A healthy dose of olive oil can go a long way in improving your chances of getting pregnant faster. Basically, olive oil is known for reducing inflammation in the body, which is responsible for interfering with ovulation, conception and development of embryo in its early stages. If you have been using other oil options, this may be the right time to make the wise switch.

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Besides the mentioned food, you can also try foods lie bananas, almonds, peas, beans and citrus fruits for great results.


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