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Health Tips For Diabetic People On World Diabetics Day

Diabetes is on its all time high, and in all honesty there is no time to ease people into the fact that if they are not careful enough, genetics or no genetics, they will soon be under its overpowering clutches. In fact, the World Diabetes Day, Nov 14, has been introduced to the 7 billion population to wake them rather shake them to this fact. The good news is diabetes is one of those conditions that can be controlled and even reversed successfully on many occasions. Enlightenment is the key to stay clear or live with it normally without feeling its impact. And when it comes to enlightenment, here are the 3 basic things you need to know…

Exercise and weight control – If you have been thinking that diabetes is the gift of sugar, spice and everything nice… think again. The onset of this condition has been linked with sedentary lifestyle and unforgivable inactivity. Whether diagnosed with diabetes or not, it is imperative that you invest at least 40 minutes to 1 hour of your share of 24 hours to no nonsense exercising. Brisk walking has been crowned as one of the few miraculous antidotes to high blood sugar. If you cannot hit the outdoors, get a treadmill and hop on it while watching your favorite show.

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Exercising also reduces excess weight which is one of the supportive causes for developing diabetes. According to experts, losing 5% to 10% of your body weight is likely to help keep the condition in control and aid recovery. Cardiovascular exercises every alternate day can also have a very positive effect on controlling diabetes whether type I or II. So there is no better time than right NOW to give your body the workout it deserves.

Balanced meal – When diagnosed with diabetes or high blood sugar levels, the first reaction of the concerned individuals is to hit the panic button. Over the top restrictions are imposed on food, carbohydrates are shown the door and all things sweet are crucified in some obscure corner. The golden words are… Please Stop Overdoing It! Imposing useless diet restrictions is never necessary unless you have crossed the extremes of the condition. This again is not all that easy.

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What matters is maintaining a very healthy diet with the right content of proteins, carbohydrates and fibers from proper sources of natural foods. You don’t have to banish desserts from your table if you are careful about what has gone into it. Try not to starve even if some genius has preached that this is the best way to cut down on weight.

Regular checkups – Very unfortunately, there are thousands of individuals who are border-lining the condition or may have taken a step or two into this disease, but are joyfully oblivious of this fact while gleefully ignoring the initial signs and symptoms.

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While it is very necessary for the ones diagnosed with diabetes to never neglect checkups and follow up on medication, it is imperative all inhabitants of the 21st century Earth consider having their blood sugar levels checked every 6 months to stay enlightened about their health.