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The Pros and Cons of HCG Diet – To Go or Not To Go For It!

Have you heard of the HCG diet that has a magical effect on your extra kilos? It is the new trend in medical science which helps you stay in shape without going into the hassles of rigorous exercises. It combines two different aspects – one is the intake of Human Chorionic Gonadotropin hormone that is generally produced during pregnancy and the other is a low-calorie diet.

HCG Diet Injection

Now let’s come to the fact that HCG hormone works quite fast but it has some side effects too, which makes it compromise on the health factor. Here are the pros and cons of HCG Diet that will help you decide on which side you want to be.

The Good Effects of HCG Diet:

Weight loss has become a prime concern among people of all age groups. Sedentary lifestyle, binge eating and lack of exercise are the chief reasons behind the increasing rate of obesity. When all else fails, HCG diet just works wonders. See what it does!

1. Lose One Pound a Day:

In order to know how it works, you must know why it exists in the first place. When a woman bears a child, the pituitary gland produces this hormone in order to break the stored fat in the body to supply more energy to the baby. If your body is weighed down with excessive fat, then injecting this hormone will break all the fatty cells reducing your extra pounds. This HCG products combined with low cal diet is a quick fix for those who are suffering from obesity for ages and found no solutions at all.

2. Relief from time-consuming exercises:

In the present generation when most of your works require you to remain seated for long hours, it is hard to squeeze out time for exercises. Lack of body movement results in the storage of the excess of calories that takes the form of fat and slides your body out of shape. HCG diet mobilizes those extra fats and brings you the perfect figure which you have been yearning for. There are various obesity related problems which goes away with the HCG diet.

3. Get in Shape in few days:

This special diet plan infuses some subtle lifestyle changes that will help you stay in shape even after you have stopped taking HCG products or injection. There are four phases of this treatment which can bring you a streamlined look and a feeling of wellness within few weeks. Isn’t it tempting? It also has other correlated benefits that will make your life better.

The Cons of HCG Diet

Everything is excess is harmful, so you can clearly understand that this excessively fast weight loss treatment has some side effects too which can sometimes jeopardize your well-being. Check out what they are!

1. Nutritional Shortage:

As you will be on a restriction from certain foods, you will face immense lack of nutrients in your body which might meddle with your functionality and productivity.

2. Depression:

Consistent low mood and hypersensitivity might occur as a side effect of this weight loss treatment. You can even be plagued by depression if the medicines do not suit your system.

3. Fertility issues:

This hormone influences the fertility in women. Taking additional Gonadotropin hormone may cause infertility in women making them unable to conceive child.

Now that you know what the pros and cons of HCG diet are, it is easier for you to decide whether to go for this treatment or rely on the alternative techniques that are slower but safer.