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Ways To Avoid Christmas Weight Gain

Festive seasons have been named as one of the few good reasons why even the healthiest and leanest of all individuals tend to pile up on a few good pounds and that too in certain very difficult places. Fear of jiggling bellies, a centimeter or two of bat wings and a shy peeping love handle is enough to wake you up to the fact that you need to be a little more careful while indulging in the sugar, spice and everything nice this festive season. If you wish to stay on the safer side, here are 4 ways to walk the right track… 

Eat healthy and control portions – This is the first thing you need to take note of. While there will be plenty of yummy and tongue tingling options to approach, you will have to make sure that you approach the most nutritious options among the rest. For example, while attending a party complete with food and drinks, try approaching the lean meat and vegetable preparations first. Follow it up with healthy carbs like baked potatoes etc. It is also advisable to keep very little space for desserts.

Eat healthy and control portions

Go slow on alcoholAlcohol in the festive season is one of the very potent reasons for weight gain. In fact, it is the quickest way to put on tires around the belly in as less as a fortnight. When approaching the wines and the scotch, try to sip than gulp it down. Also make an effort to go for cocktails with low alcohol content and more fresh fruit juice and vegetable juice options. This is a good way to keep half the calorie intake in check. You can also stick with a glass or two of red wine which will help you digest your food faster while maintaining your overall health.

Go slow on alcohol

Don’t forget to work out – Festivities are never a good excuse for not working out. Irrespective of how busy you are or how cold it may be, please leap out of your bed at a decent time and hit the gym. For those who own a treadmill, please adhere to a trying speed program for at least 40 minutes. Speed programs can burn more calories and cast a better toning effect on the lower body which walking at a set pace cannot. Also, gift yourself a pair of weights to speed up the toning effect and keep the flabs at bay.

Don’t forget to work out

Don’t starve before going to partiesStarving yourself before attending a party that is likely to serve yummy food is a criminal offense. This is not only one of the tried and tested ways to make a fool of yourself in a crowd of reasonable people, it is also a fool proof way to over eat rather over indulge when you don’t need to. In many occasions, this does not work to your favor as well, because there is every possibility that you will come home with a heavily protesting gastrointestinal system. If you choose to continue this trend for a few parties, be prepare to shop for clothes one size larger in 2015.