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What You Need To Know About Going On A Liquid Diet

The basics of liquid diet

The basics of liquid diet are just as simple as it sounds. This is the diet plan where you adhere to nothing but foods in their fluid state. Foods in their softer solid states not included. An assortment of juices and soups made out of fresh fruits, vegetables and lentils can be mentioned in this respect. Thick smoothies with ample water and minimal or no sweetening agents can also form a part of this diet. In simple words, a liquid diet comprises of meals of just about anything fresh and mostly plant based that can be poured into a glass.

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When to go on a liquid diet

By the very name of it, anyone can get an idea at the very onset that liquid diets are very low in calorie. So, it is one of the best options to consider while in the process of shedding the excess poundage. Converting your meals into its fluid state and managing the portions by adjusting the same into a bowl or glass works wonders in shrinking your silhouette. Liquid diets are also just as good to relax your otherwise tensed gastrointestinal system which may be otherwise overloaded with junk.

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The inevitable pros

The inevitable pros of liquid diet can be experienced in the form of weight loss and a highly relaxed gastrointestinal system. However, it has additional advantages to its name as well. To begin with, a liquid diet can be thoroughly cleansing considering the fact that the intake of water is far more than usual. At the same time, it also ensures the intake of fresher and greener inputs of food than the usual everyday carbohydrate, sugar and salt rich meals. This offers an immediate boost of nutrition to the body which is processed even more easily because the food happens to be in a liquid state.


The undeniable cons

While liquid diets are complete with a list of benefits, there is a darker side to the coin as well. To begin with, being free of solids, the foods are free of fiber which can be one of the most important causes for a steady sugar spike in the body. With no fiber to balance out the effect, this diet can be a little dicey for people with blood sugar issues to follow on a regular basis. At the same time, the absence of fiber also results in clogging of the lower intestines causing issues with bowel movement. Besides this, it is also imperative to consider the compromised levels of proteins in the diet which can cause thorough muscle and energy loss in the body.

Choosing the middle path

If you wish to make the most of liquid diets per se and gain from it at the end of the day, you will have to follow a middle path beginning with determining a time frame for which the diet needs to be followed. More often than not, a 7 day liquid diet can be considered perfect. Secondly, you will need to ensure the intake of the right amount of soups with a healthy dose of vegetables as a part of your meals. Thirdly, you must take supplements for completing the vitamins and mineral requirements recommended by doctors for a healthier outcome.

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