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Why Water Should Top Your Diet Plan

For most of us fussing over losing weight and planning the inclusions and exclusions in the diet we are to follow, ‘water’ does not seem to feature as a particular in any end of the list. This could either be because most humans on planet Earth have taken the many gifts of H2O blatantly for granted. It can also be because people may have simply forgotten about the true nature of water owing to the onslaught of all the adulterated forms in which this life sustaining mother of all fluids is available today.

However, whether following a diet plan or not, the absence of water in its true state is always felt in strange and dark ways when it is given a miss. So, here are a few reasons that should encourage each and all to include at least 8 glasses of water or more every single day …

Water For Diet

1)  Keep you from dehydration – To begin with, water is nature’s way to save you from dehydration. ‘Dehydration’ does not simply refer to the feeling of thirst. It basically indicates an experience of temporary doom when your head feels fuzzy, your throat and mouth become parched; your brain seems to get roasted from medium to well done and the world blacks out in front of your eyes… till the time you are brought back to consciousness by caring well wishers. Sipping water throughout the day whether at home or in office can save you from experiencing such potentially lethal troubles.

2)  Save your kidneys from collapsing – Kidneys are one of the most important organs of your body and you cannot afford to have it non-functional at any point of time in your life. And, there is nothing in the world that can save your kidneys from collapsing if you don’t include at least 8 glasses of water in your diet every 24 hours. From matters that can be termed simple like developing stones in the kidney as compared to the rest like opening the floodgates of infections to the organ, absence of water can cause havoc which are best when avoided.

3)   Contains zero calories, actually! Water contains no calories, which gives you the freedom to drink as much as you want without having to feel guilty about adding to your weight. This is something you can never do with other drinks irrespective of how low their calorie content may be. You cannot drink 4 liters of the healthiest of fruit juice everyday because the fear of calories and other possible gastrointestinal issues. But you can certainly drink 4 liters of water and more with only benefits laid out on your way.

4) Keeps the entire mental and physical system replenished – Water nourishes the body like the river nourishes any geographical terrain. Drinking adequate amount of water ensures that each and every part of the body maintains their proper consistency at the cellular level. You may have noticed how your saliva thickens if you give water a miss even for a day. Such changes have far deeper impacts than what it seems superficially. Preventing damage at a cellular level can be combated by drinking at least 8 glasses of water per day.

Besides the mentioned, water is also responsible for maintaining and preserving youth. The impact of thorough hydration can be seen on your skin in the forms of youthful glow along with thoroughly diminishing fine lines and wrinkles.

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