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10 Zero Effort Ways Of Losing Weight

When it comes to losing weight, you are usually required to do much more than just wish the pounds away. In fact, wishing that one fine day you will wake up without your flabs will be a little too much even fairy tales couldn’t handle. So, if you think that there are any real zero effort ways to shed weight, the answer may lie in not putting on the kilos in the first place. But considering the diet and lifestyle trends of the 21st century, this is yet another fairy tale.

There are on the other hand, certain solutions to almost effortless weight loss that can be handy in the long run. The only effort these solutions require is to exercise some will power and the rest would fall in place. Here are some of them that you can try out almost instantly…

1)  Stop Shopping for Refined Carb – When you go shopping grocery next time, walk around in the vegetable and fruit section. This done, you move towards the nuts and dry fruit section. Then you can take a stroll along the low fat dairy products aisle followed by lean meat and fish section. If you chance upon the cakes and chips and chocolate rows, pretend to be blind.

2) Eat Smaller yet Powerful Meals – Control your portions by not making only as much as you need in your meals and not a fraction more. at the same time, power pack you meals with lean protein sources and vegetables while being cautious with the carbs.

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3) Avoid Foods that Cause Bloating – Salty junk food like bags of chips and hot dogs and burgers drenched in lard are all sources that cause bloating. Try switching to yogurt for a change. Throw in some fruits or veggies to add taste and crunch to the package.

4) Get Spicy – If someone had preached that spices are bad, ask them to do a fact check. Spices actually help is shedding weight especially the ones that are hotter in nature. Try adding an assortment of peppers to your everyday meals for great long terms results.

5)  Eat After Workout – When you work out, your metabolism is usually racing.  Your body is already in a burn mode and it likely to burn away more of the calories that when you eat without exercising before. This works!

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6) Try Mono Meals For 2 Days in a WeekMono meals refer to focusing on one food for meals while only touching on the others. This form of diet is great to detoxify your system while countering the calories you may have piled on through the week.

7) Make Fluids your New BFF – Fresh fruit juice, lemon juice, vegetable juice and most importantly water, is crucial for weight loss while maintaining a healthy glow. Ensure drinking 8 glasses of water every day with a good dose of healthy juices.

8) Early to Bed and Early to Rise – This is a nature crafted solution to be as you are supposed to be, that is lean in any shape you may be blessed with. Too many late nights and can stress your physical system causing it to store more fat.

9) De – Stress Yourself – Research has shown than you tend to put on more weight when you are mentally stressed. This could be as an outcome of stress eating or triggering the body to store fat, the result will always be tires and flabs.

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10) Be Active Even When Motionless – There are certain exercises that you can perform even while you are sitting watching TV or in the office before the computer. Leg raises, tummy tucks and exercises as such performed a few reps can tone your body to more than what you could possibly imagine.