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Check Out What Top 5 Celebrities Say About Their Exclusive Breakfast Routine!

How many times the sexy curves of a Hollywood actress made you chalk out a new fitness regime? Many time perhaps, right? Celebrities, male or female, have always inspired common people to eat healthy and live better. The secret behind their healthy and fatless body is a mixture of diet and exercise that their fitness trainers schedule for them.

Breakfast plays a great role in shaping up the structure of your body. So, the celebrities pay a great deal of attention on what they should fill their breakfast platter with. The first meal of the day must be power-packed, yet not too filling to put you into sleep again. Do you want to know what the top five celebrities of the Hollywood industry say about their breakfast plan? Take a look!

1. George Clooney Chooses Oatmeal to Stay All Hale and Hearty:

One of the finest actors in Hollywood, George Clooney has again grabbed the eyeballs on the red carpet as he stepped up to the stage to receive another Golden Globe for his Lifetime Achievement. Isn’t his fit and sexy image at the age of 54 a sheer wonder? This dynamic actor says that he sticks to Oatmeal, honey, milk and nuts when it comes to breakfast. The meal rich in protein, antioxidants and fiber contribute in keeping him healthy and handsome.

George Clooney 2

2. Ashley Tisdale Stays Fit With Whole-wheat Bread and Egg White omelet

The “Fabulous” star Ashley Tisdale starts her day with whole wheat bread and an omelet with the egg-white. She also adds some fresh fruits to her plate to make it more nutrient-rich. She says that it keeps her slim and well-nourished and also curbs the urge to eat frequently.


3. See what’s Behind the Awesomeness of Justin Timberlake:

Justin Timberlake says that he takes two breakfasts – one comprises of waffles, scrambled egg, flax seeds and almond butter and the other is just a protein shake. He also works out religiously to stay in shape.

Justin Timberlake

4. Pretty Woman Julia Roberts says “good morning” with Oatmeal:

The beautiful lady with a dazzling smile, Julia Roberts, thinks creative and takes a combination of Oatmeal, Avocado and egg as her breakfast. It keeps her supercharged throughout the day and provides her the energy that she needs to start her day with.

Julia Roberts

5. Jenifer Aniston says eat real food and nourish the body:

According to the charmer Jennifer Aniston, you must not eat with the fear of getting fat. She makes her morning platter quite tasty as she believes in eating “real food—food that’s truly and naturally life-sustaining and delicious.” Her breakfast contains whole wheat toasted bread, apple butter and a piece of cheese that she relishes.

Jenifer Aniston 1

It is truly hard to stick to your strict fitness regime if you do not enjoy it. So, learn from these top five Hollywood stars and make your breakfast not only tasty, but healthy too. Binge on the “starry” dishes!