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4 Yummy And Healthy New Year’s Eve Recipe Options

2014 is on its way out and there is nothing that will stop the party animals to offer a winning farewell to this eventful year. However, in the process of wining, dining and exaggerating your indulgence, you may end up adding flabs and tires to your person without even realizing it. Considering the fact that the festivities go on to last for more than just one night and also considering the fact that ample food filled celebrations precede the New Year’s Eve, keeping an eye on the health and weight factor while planning your New Year’s Eve recipes will only do you good.

In this note, it is necessary to understand that taking a detour from the conventional and trying out some healthier version of the traditional recipes will not compromise on taste. You will however, be able to eat more while being assured about not developing a muffin top by the first week of 2015. Here is a list of 4 simple recipes which can help you stay in track. You can also introduce innovations to suit your tastes while creating your signature recipes if you wish…

Healthy Tartlets Yummy Appetizers – Mini tart cups are available in all grocery stores. You can choose the healthier options that contain healthy ingredients or bake some in the house. Fill it up with spoonfuls of a mixture of caramelized onions, low fat cream cheese and some seasoned shredded chicken for a burst of flavor and health in your system. These tarts can be filling enough to inhibit excessive eating at dinner.

Healthy Tartlets Yummy Appetizers

Healthy Cocktails – While the wine and champagne is guaranteed to flow, when it comes to choosing your cocktails, try to stick with those that contain more of garden fresh ingredients, like fresh fruit and vegetable juices, dash of fresh herbs, tea etc. It will also be in favor of your health and weight to reduce the alcohol content by 25% to half to ensure not piling up on the pounds.

Healthy Cocktails

Southern Collard Greens for Vegetables – Collards have been ranked among the most nutritious foods in the world with minimal calories, which should be the main motivation behind including it in your menu. All you will need in this recipe is collard, ham hocks, salt and pepper for taste and a dash of vegetable oil. Bring the ham hock to boil and let it simmer. Add the collard and simmer again. Add the vegetable oil, salt and pepper and simmer again for a tasty and healthy treat.

Southern Collard Greens for Vegetables

Desserts for the Calorie Conscious – When the word is ‘desserts’, try prefixing it with ‘healthy’ or ‘low calorie’ this New Year’s Eve. Try the classic lemon tarts or honey almond coins. Low calorie tarts with fruit ingredients can also make a great dessert option.

Desserts for the Calorie Conscious

A word of Caution for the Wise – With all the health and calorie consciousness that find their way to the plate, overindulgence will always feature in the celebrations. So don’t forget to work the calorie out the following week, even if it requires you to run the extra mile.