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4 Ways to Fulfill Your Resolution This New Year To Get Slimmer

New Year resolutions are known for breaking quite often; but if your resolution for the coming 2015 is to get slimmer, these 4 simple yet effective tips are sure to help you achieve your goals. All you have to do is remember and incorporate some or all of these tips in your everyday life to witness a truckload of difference in your silhouette…

Right Eating Habits – This is the first and the most important factor that requires careful consideration if you wish to slim down. Eating healthy and staying clear of all things junk are the ground rules. You can start by making your daily meals by counting the calories first. Ensure that you don’t exceed 2000 calories per day unless otherwise specified by doctors of dieticians.

right eating habit

Focus mostly on fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains and lean proteins. Take an oath to minimize the purchase of simple carbohydrates like sugar rich products to bare minimum. Treat yourself to fresh juices, tea and the friendly old H2O.

40 Minutes of Exercise – Irrespective of how busy you may be, spend the first 40 minutes of your day exercising. Your goals of slimming down will remain perpetually suspended if you don’t incorporate 40 minutes of intense workout, for at least 5 days a week. Medium intensity cardio exercises, stretching; aerobics and weights must form a part of your schedule.

40 Minutes of Exercise

Never say no to crunches. While many fancy options may back your decision to opt it out of your plan, crunches are the most effective ways to strengthen your core which goes a long way in shaping your abdomen.

Healthy Lifestyle – Early to bed and early to rise are the golden words that should not be overlooked. If you have been doing way too many late night partying while indulging in alcoholic beverages way too often, the first day of 2015 may be the best time to bid this habit a good farewell. Change your snacking habits by including fresher and healthier options like whole fruits or roasted nuts.


In fact, it will serve your purpose well if you stop shopping for store bought sugar rich and salt packed options. Try to seek membership of some sports clubs where you can spend a couple of early hours of your weekends enjoying learning a sport that you have some interest in. This will keep your mental and behavioral system stress free and healthy.

Stay Motivated – All this and more will not be possible if you fail to stay motivated. More often than not, self motivation can be very difficult. So, it will be worth your while to fall back on your spouse, partner, parents, or close friends to pull you up when you are trying to cut slack.

Setting unachievable goals can be counted as one of the first reason behind killing motivation. So, you have to clear your vision and set achievable goals that can be materialized with the efforts you can put in. Under all circumstances, try not to overdo things because it can be more damaging than otherwise.