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5 Easy Tips to make your Kids Eat Healthy

Again the same old mommy blues? Your child acting pesky every time you try to chug him/her some healthy home cooked food. Are the feeding sessions turning into hours of fighting between you two? Don’t blame the kid for all the noise, gorging on junk is something you may have unknowingly inculcated in him.

In this fast paced generation where most mothers are working women, they usually tend to seek solutions in quick and cheap meal; often forgetting that these are unhealthy, killing the child appetite for nourishing and healthy stuffs. These instant-foods undoubtedly solve the problem momentarily like time management for the mom but do nothing to prosper the fitness quotient of the child. It’s only when your child starts showing health deterioration, the problem becomes a concern. But sometimes it’s just too late! Weight issues, retarded physical growth, weakening visions, stomach aches these are some of the common symptoms that starts worrying. So before this is the case with your child, precaution is the word:

Kids Food

Here are 5 tips to feed your kids healthily.

1) Drill in this idea into your child that dinner means family time. This is a tradition that all families should observe. It has been proven that children, who eat meal with their closed ones encircled, get to check out what seniors or his/her elder sibling is having. It will make time to pick up well the healthier eating habits.

2) Encourage your child to eat healthy food. In order to accomplish this mission, start by not putting restrictions on certain foods. This only tends to develop disorders like anorexia and bulimia; if not now then certainly later on. Instead coax him to pick up fruits and vegetables, if not all then at least the ones he likes. Speak to him about the benefits of eating healthy, especially on the ones you would like to feed on. Engross him in talks like you will become powerful and strong; gain energy, will be able to play more, defeat your friends easily while running. These tip works well on their psychology.

3) Always have the food available when he is feeling the hunger pangs. Do not stack the fridge with junks, instead store fruits and veggies. If you make it a habit to resort to healthy choices without letting your child to gorge on street food, then he will gradually learn the act of inclusion and elimination while munching on something or having his meals.

4) Arranging an alluring platter is a must. Kids develop liking to those food that allures them instinctively and the fact of pampering taste buds comes later on. If something is not fun or colorful they take a quick aversion to it. It’s up to mommies to find more fun ways to present food. Cutting vegetables into animals’ figures or cute shapes are ways of being creative with the preparation. Why not go for a quick crash course or catch up with the television programs that are especially dedicated to mommies to add a dash of healthy vibrancy on your kids’ platter? Take a bunch of berries like blueberries, strawberries, raspberries, eggs and country ham. If you wish you can top it with cheddar. Its colors, vitamin-packed fruits, protein-rich egg – all making a yummy, healthy breakfast for your little one!

5) Show your appreciation by giving your kid a big hug or kiss when they choose something healthy to eat. Recognition in such matters definitely encourages them. You can also involve them in grocery shopping or ask their preferences when cooking something. This sense of involvement where he realizes his ‘say’ also matters will infuse in him a feel-good factor. Ensuring that even if he is little, he is your big champ- a feeling which lingers on him and he willing proclaims to the world ‘my mom is the best!’