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Dismissing Appalling Misconceptions About Carbohydrates, Proteins And Fat

It is a common misconception among people to believe that nature must have really been in a bad mood when it inflicted carbohydrates and fats with a dash of proteins in our food. While the first two have been completely blacklisted in the diet charts of those trying to shed weight with urgency, the latter tends to hold a more or less shaky place in most platters.

The end results are undoubtedly horrifying, but sadly, it gets way too late before dieters realize what went wrong. Severe malnutrition leading to numerous debilitating disorders, surfacing of anorexic symptoms and loss of muscle mass are some of the infinite ills that can be mentioned in this respect.

This is the most important reason why it is critical to dismiss the appalling misconceptions about these 3 vital micronutrients that are integral for the body to survive, starting with carbohydrates.

Carbohydrates perform the function of energy suppliers to the body. Imagine a situation where the energy supplier of your town shuts off the source for a whole week and the entire town falls into a state of complete halt and eventual collapse. This is how your body will react in the absence of carbohydrates. The most common fear linked with carbohydrates is obesity.

However, the fear should lie with choosing the wrong source of carbohydrates than carbohydrates itself. In very simple words, refined carbohydrates like refined sugar, refined flour and products concentrating on these two like cakes and cookies, jams and jellies, burgers and fries, sweet carbonated drinks so on and so forth should be banned for good.

On the other hand, natural sources like certain fruits and vegetable, whole grains and wheat, oats and barley are great sources of carbohydrates, which when taken in the right amount will only add to health and NOT weight.

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Proteins, while being a source of energy, are responsible for building and repairing muscles and tissues. Besides this life supporting function, proteins are also responsible for enhancing immunity of the body towards foreign invasive life-forms like bacteria and viruses. It is also known for balancing PH levels in body fluids and maintaining the level of electrolytes in the physical system.

There are a certain group of self proclaimed diet geniuses though, who believe that it is necessary to cut down on sources of proteins after a certain age. It could be as less as in the 30s or early 40s for causes associated with weight gain, increase in uric acid and matter of the like.

However, the truth is, sources of lean proteins like fish, eggs, lean meat, certain lentils etc. should always form a part of the diet till the last day on earth. The quantity may vary as per needs of particular individuals but, the fact is, if you give it a miss, you are sure to age faster and perish.

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Fat is the forbidden word in the present day lexicon. The phobia has risen to an extent that even if you speak the word ‘fat’ you may immediately put on 2 pounds as penalty. The truth is ‘body fat’ is not intended by nature to claim your shapely silhouette. It is one of those vital nutrients that assists and supports absorption of many essential vitamins like vitamin A, D, E, K etc. and also assists in maintaining body temperature. Adding suppleness to skin, prevention of premature aging, maintaining elasticity etc. which are critical for preserving youth can be contributed to ‘fat’.

It also performs a very important role in providing the body with sufficient energy to fight diseases when afflicted by the same. Considering the fact that fat is a non-negotiable back up energy source after carbohydrates, they are characterized by the property of ‘storing’. So, when you eat too much of refined carbohydrates and other sources of fat, your body tends to save bits and pieces and portions of the same over a period of time under your skin.

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This, if not burnt out to manageable extent through regular workouts can add to weight and contribute to obesity. However, it is imperative that you maintain your body fat levels at least 13% at all times.

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