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5 Exercises To Counter Headaches

If you have a head and you are trying to make it function in the 21th century, it is very likely that it will be free of aches and pains. Even though there are a number of medications that can offer almost immediate relief from headaches, there are times when people are caught off guard and pills and potions become a distant possibility. These are the times when alternative methods to relieve this rather excruciating pain comes handy, none of which are too difficult to understand or perform. Here are 5 very simple exercises that are effective in countering headaches and can be done anytime anywhere with ease…


1) Eye compress – This is first and perhaps the easiest ways to relax your headache. The eyes and your head are related in a special way, where stress and strain on your eyes can result in stress and strain on your head as well causing aches as an after effect. All you have to do is cup your eyes with the hollow of your palms and compress with medium pressure. Keep compressing for 5 good minutes and you are sure to feel relaxed after a while.

2) Chewing gum – Whether you or your co workers carry headache pills or not, a packet of gum is sure to found in at least 50% of the bags around you. So, if you are out of gum, you can borrow some from your colleagues and keep chewing till the time your headache bids adieu. Chewing per se, exercises all facial muscles going way up to the head. It thus, results in relaxing clogged energy in the area thereby relieving it of pain.

3) Take a break and lie down – If you experience headaches in office or any place where medication is far away, try to take a break from whatever you may be doing, head straight to the locker and lie down with your eyes compressed. Don’t talk and don’t have the minutes of the meetings running in your head while you relax. It may take just about 15 minutes to dilute the headache.

4) Laugh it out with coffee – Laughter may not be a medication, but it certainly can be a distraction to your physical discomforts. You can laugh your headache out loud with a cup of strong coffee while enjoying your coffee break and feel lighter and better by the end of 15 minutes of break.

coffee with friends

5) Try reflexology if you can – Reflexology in very simple words, believes that the solution to all your physical problems lie in certain pressure points in the feet. So, the solution to your headache can also lie with certain pressure points in the lower extremity hidden within your shoes. If you have even an smattering of reflexology, you will be better off taking off your shoes and addressing these pressure points for immediate relief. If not, you can try some among the other mentioned solutions.

If you are prone to headaches and land with one at any given time of the day, you must always ensure carrying your share of OTC medication always within reach and see the doctor at the earliest.

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