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A Tap Of Health With A Touch Of Love – 4 Sweet Recipes You Can Relish This Feb 14th

Valentine’s Day 2015 is here, and this is just about time to start indulging in all things sinful on your plate. This is the day of the bitter sweet chocolates wrapped in layers and layers of love with rose soaked treats spicing up the taste palates. However, overindulgence is never an option for those who are in the process of managing their calories to stay in shape or get into one. So, to add a tap of health to your Valentine’s Day but with a touch of love, here is a list of 4 very simple yet tempting options that you can indulge in without second thoughts…

Dark Chocolate Berry Bowl – This is the simplest and perhaps the most romantic sinful delight that you can put on the table this Valentine’s Day. All that you will need to fix this sweet delight is an assortment of berries like raspberries, strawberries, blue berries etc and dark molten chocolate. You can also add fresh cherries to this treat. Put all the ingredients in a bowl, add a dash of molten dark chocolate (72% cocoa and up) to it and munch away.


Loaded Jelly – Creamy jelly is fun and flirty and is always welcome as among cherished romantic treats. For loaded jelly, you will need any red berry flavored jelly mix (12ounces), vanilla flavor instant pudding mix (3.5ounces), cold milk and an assortment of fruits and roasted nuts to your liking. The process is extremely simple, where you will have to dissolve the gelatin in boiling water (quantity wise) and let it stand for about 20 to 30 minutes in room temperature.


Dissolve the pudding mix with cold milk and stir in the mixture into the jelly mixture. Blend well. Now pour the mixture in a pan and refrigerate till firm. Once you take the creamy jelly out, cut out red heart shapes with a cutter and top each little red heart with assorted fruits and nuts. A delectable treat indeed!

Love Soaked Cocktail – Valentine’s Day is never complete without the glass of red hot blend of aphrodisiacal fruit juices and liquor. This 14th of Feb, you can try the Blushing Geisha for a refreshing change. The ingredients include one of the healthiest liquors, TyKu (2 oz), along with a dash of pomegranate juice (1 oz) and rose nectar (2 oz). Mix all the ingredients well in a glass filled with ice. Pour into oriental glasses (small) and garnish with pink flowers in the rim. You will not need more than this to spice up your Valentine’s Day!

Love Bites Cup Cakes – Cup Cakes are perhaps the simplest ingredients that can boost the innocent love and romance quotient in Valentine’s Day.Cup Cakes 2 If you are putting in a last minute effort, bake the basic chocolate cup cake recipe and layer a dash of simple coffee flavored butter cream frosting. Split a small strawberry / glazy cherry and place it on the frosting.

A visual delight and a burst of unadulterated taste will certainly win over your date!