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5 Great Moves For Removing Arm Fat

Among the many critically difficult places in your body in which you can stock up on the additional adipose, your arms can be mentioned somewhere at the top of the list. Jiggling arms are very easy to gain, but equally taxing to lose. In fact, any amount of diet control or lifestyle modification does not tend to show much improvement in the resolute batwings and overall flabbiness. The only solution is to address the issue the minute it shows up. This solution comes in a pack of 5 easy and highly effective exercises which is easy and unbelievably fruitful in challenging the flabs when followed regularly, rather religiously with faith and commitment.

On the Floor Tricep Dip – For this exercise, sit on the floor with your arms at one feet distance from your buttocks. Bend your knees with feet flat on the floor at a comfortable shoulder width. Lift your buttocks off the floor with the help of your feet and arms. Now, bend the right arm and try to get your buttocks as close to the floor as possible. Try doing 8 counts before switching to the left hand. 2 sets of 8 counts is great to begin with increasing as your ability improves.

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Skyward Punch with Weights – Hold 1 or 2 pound weights in your hands and bring them close to your jaws. Your palms should face each other. Now shoot the right arm towards the sky without locking your elbows or holding the position. Bring back your right arm and shoot the left arm up immediately. Continue the action for the minute before you stop. This makes one set. Try attempting at least 3 sets to begin with.

Dear Old Push-Ups – Stretch out on the floor on your stomach. With your hand and toes firmly planted on the ground, lift your body from the floor. Now, fold from your elbows and bring your shoulders as close to the ground as possible and lift back up again. Repeat from 8 to 10 counts to make a set. Try to attempt 2 sets in the beginning.

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Forward Punch with Weights – Hold 1 to 2 pounds weight in your hands. Stand straight with your hands pulled close to your face. Step ahead with your left foot by about 6 inches and take the right foot back by 6 inches. Start punching forward with your left fist and then right without much time lapse between the two punches. Keep repeating simultaneously as fast as you can for a minute and then switch foot and repeat again. You can attempt 2 minutes in each foot for starters.

Reverse Raises with Weights – Hold 1 to 2 pounds weight in both hands. Fold your hand over your head so that your elbows remain on both sides of your head and the weights are touching the top of your shoulder blades. Now, lift your arm till they are straight above the head and bend them back again without holding the position. Repeat to about 16 counts to make a set. Attempt 2 sets in the beginning.