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What Happens When You Overdo With Calorie-Phobia

When a certain endeavor is undertaken within limits, the results are sure to be good and desirable. However, when a certain otherwise positive endeavor possesses individuals like a ghost and pushes the results to utter extremes, it may be time to review what has gone wrong and make necessary amends with an enlightened approach. The fear of ‘calories’ can be mentioned in this respect which has swept a greater section of the world population over understandable limits.

over eating

Weight gain, loss of body shape and expanding into sizes larger than the accepted norms of superficial beauty in the current days, happen to be the motivating factors behind calorie-phobia. Everyone seems to nurture different opinions about how to go about food, diet and how much would be too much in terms of calories. However, most people who seem to settle with the fact that ‘lesser’ is better don’t seem to possess any logical understanding of how less is too less when it comes to carry forth normal everyday functions of the body.

The consequences of being calorie phobic can be very dramatic and very shocking. Some of them can be mentioned as follows…

Developing Anorexia – This is one of those debilitating conditions that have been gripping almost every third person in the world in some intensity or the other. Thousands of girls today who are no more than the age of 15 have adopted diet of lesser than 250 calories per day to achieve their weight loss goals. Wastage of muscles, complete organ malfunction, early onset of aging and inviting lifelong bed-rest are some of the end results of such physical atrocities.

Becoming Bulimic – In this condition, one does not really care if a 3000 calorie lunch is eaten because it gets thrown up right after the meal. Be it a whole one-pound rich gooey chocolate cake or a whole treasure trove of fast food, there is not much that people apprehend because none of it gets to stay and function inside the gastrointestinal system. The end result of such near 0 calorie diet is extreme malnutrition and eventual painful death WAY before due time.

Extreme Depression – When the body is lacking in proper nutrition, it can never promote a ‘happy’ state of mind. At the same time, if it does not have enough calorie intake to run the system normally, constant weariness is sure to grip individuals leaving no energy to devote to everyday tasks be it academics, home chores or job / profession. Eventually, an energy lacking life gives rise to a sense of incompleteness and eventual depression which could rise to clinical level sooner than expected.

Basically, it is a must to remember that ‘calories’ in itself is never a threat to how you look. It is in fact, the energy that ascertains your survival. What you have to be concerned about is managing it in a healthy way so that your health is never compromised either by obesity or the lack of it.