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5 Reasons Why You Are Not Losing Weight Even After Running

It is a recognized fact that running is one of those fool proof exercises that is sure to burn calories quickly and effectively. Different speed programs and different levels of intensity can result in a variety of effects in the body which can range from enhancing levels of fitness, losing fat content, gaining muscles and all of which leads to the creation of a lean and shapely silhouette. However, there are many unfortunates who have been perspiring by the liters in the treadmill or the tracks, but have not lost a gram in the scale. In fact, they may have gained a few ounces instead.
While such devastating consequences can cause the morale of any weight loss enthusiast to plummet, it is very necessary to know why the weight is not budging from a certain stage of stagnation. If you are in this group of unfortunate walkers, only enlightenment will enable you to take effective recourse to the issue. Here are 5 reasons that can be instrumental in causing your weight loss to plateau…

You are eating too much – This is the first and the most potent reasons for not losing weight even after running. Very often it has been seen that people who undergo certain levels of exertion mistakenly think that they have done way too much and need to eat by the kilos to refill the lost energy. This goes a long way to add to the pounds than subtract from it. Maintaining calorie intake goes hand in hand with walking for weight loss. Imbalance in either of the two will cause weight gain or stagnation.

You are not running in required pace / intensity – It always yields to put in a bit more that what you have been the entire week before. However, many walkers get stagnant in the speed they are comfortable in, to which the body refuses to react. With little or no exertion, the body gets out of the burn mode and weight stagnates thereafter.


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Your body has reached ideal weight – Every ‘body’ has an ideal weight. If you have reached your ideal weight, your body will protest losing a few more ounces. While the glossy pages may narrate how thin and how light you should be to fit in, your body is smarter and knows what is right for you. If this is the case, you should try maintaining your weight that trying to lose it.

You have gained muscles – The fat – muscle debate may not register in the minds of millions, but it is a fact that lean and very shapely people with more muscles can actually weigh more than those with more portly frame. On walking regularly, you tend to lose fat and gain muscles which may add to your weight and which is also something you need to celebrate than sulk.

You are stressed – Did you know that extreme regular stress causes the body to store fat? If you are stressed about matters like finance, relationships and matters of the sort, your body will trigger fat storage irrespective of how much you exercise. It is also true that walking reduces stress. But, there has to be a harmony for the better results to show.