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5 Reasons Why You Would Want To Sleep More To Lose Weight

Nature is wise; in fact the wisest of all things existing and perceivable. This is one of the reasons why nature has offered astonishingly simple solutions for even the most difficult issues that mankind may be facing through centuries. All that we the geniuses have to do is to discover this fact and apply the same in our daily lives.  Even if the matter is as nerve-wreaking as the issue of weight loss in the 21st century, the solution so designed by nature is as simple as ‘sleep’. Yes; for those who have been subscribing to the belief that sleep and body mass share a directly proportional relationship, think again because here are 5 reasons that will surely make you think otherwise…

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Fights cravings – To begin with, it has been seen through a number of researches that getting proper 8 hours of undisturbed sleep helps in fighting the urge to snack more. Uninterrupted rest of the body and mind basically boosts the functioning of the mental and physical system while establishing harmony in the organs and hormonal systems as well. All this contributes towards making your body behave in a healthy manner and as nature intended than otherwise.

Boosts metabolism – When you sleep in time and preferably before 10 pm and wake up early after at least 8 hours of undisturbed sleep, your metabolism is sure to function normally. This good habit will induce hunger just at a time when you need the energy and nutrition while keeping you full till the time you need to eat again. In very simple terms, the calories you consume will be used rather than stored in the form of fat.

Stops untimely snacking – If you are up till 3 in the morning after eating a hearty meal at about 9 at night, you are likely to hit your refrigerator for a rich and soul soothing snack. Mid night snacking especially on refined sugar rich food has been mentioned among the main causes for weight gain in people around the globe. When you sleep in time and fetch good 8 hours, this situation will not arise in the first place and a massive threat to your body mass will vaporize even before you know it had arisen.

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Reduces stress induced weight gain – Stress is the primary and perhaps the most lethal cause behind weight gain because it possesses the power to convert just about any amount of calories whether high or low, into additional body weight. It is a proven fact that your body reacts to counter stress by converting food into fat irrespective of how nutritious it may be. Good sleep on the other hand is nature’s best solution to counter stress successfully. So, it is directly related to maintaining ideal body weight or losing the excess poundage.

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Trains brain to focus on hunger than appetite – Sleep has a very soothing rather, nourishing effect on the brain which helps this master of all organs to focus better. This again helps it identify hunger from appetite and thus prevents urges to eat anything till it is absolutely necessary. So, it goes miles when it comes to keeping away the pounds.