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5 Soccer Super Stars With Awe-Inspiring Fitness

Ever wondered how the 22 players in certain football match league or otherwise can keep covering around 12km distance for 90 long minutes without rest? Ever wondered how these unrelenting players can continue way over these 90 minutes if necessary, sprinting, jogging and walking throughout the duration with even more energy to last another 90 minutes?

The secret to such awe inspiring fitness and superhuman endurance levels lies in the sturdy fitness training that each and every player is made to undergo before they are launched on the football field. The point to note here is that, this training is not meant for all to take. Enthusiastic players are required to be at a certain fitness level to qualify to take this training.

Weight training, speed and agility training, stretching and flexibility exercises are some to mention. While the titles of the exercises seem simple enough, the rigors of the schedule can make any ordinary person with ordinary level of fitness pass out for the next few weeks.

Thrilling performances made by the superstars of the sport has always been encouraging and uplifting to young enthusiasts who are on their way to make a mark in football in the near future. Seeking inspiration from the fitness schedules of 5 of the most cherished stars can be a great start in this direction.

Lionel Messi

At 169 meters height and 148 pounds body weight, this 27 year old miracle player is known for his flawless footwork and practically unbeatable strikes. Basically, it is a combination of linear and multi directional workout that has created such wonders. Carefully constructed sets of movement skills and plyometrics shape this genius up to launch unforgettable performance in his matches. Messi is very particular about his diet through the course of training and before the match. He is seen to focus mainly on cutting his intake of carbohydrates and building it up gradually before the match.

Lesson from the genius – Messi engages in strict workout but only for 5 days in a week. He believes in getting ample rest for his body to recover from stress.


Cristiano Ronaldo

An explosion of energy in the football field from Cristiano Ronaldo does not come from mere enthusiasm for the game. 3 to 4 hours of rigorous training per day including running, sprinting drills, technical drills and other associated inclusions contribute to the rippled body and unstoppable endurance of this 29 year old star player who stands 186cms tall weighing 183 pounds. Ronaldo is very cautious about what he eats for his meals focusing on good sources of proteins and carbohydrates like eggs, wholegrain cereals, vegetables and fruits.

Lesson from the star player – Christiano Ronaldo pays attention to his sleep. He believes in sleeping early and rising early for better health and better fitness.



We have witnessed the prowess of this 22 year old Brazil star player and his saddening setback after an uneventful turn in the World Cup 2014. However, the fitness schedule that has created the genius in him is just as extraordinary. Monday to Friday includes rigorous training and fixed diet schedule, including tactical and technical training individually or with team, jogging and hydrotherapy.

Lesson from the young celebrity – Neymar gives in to unhindered relaxation by usually taking his Sunday off from all schedules and all routine programs.


Luis Suarez

Fitness level of this 27 year old football star speaks for itself. Besides the health of his teeth and a temporary ban from the tournaments, this one of a kind star is still on his fitness training schedule for the season to come. While the professional fitness routine of this rather entertaining star is scrapped for a while, he has hired personal trainer to stick to his fitness goals.

Lesson from Suarez – Might does not always come from bite!


James Rodriguez

This 22 year Columbian rising star in the world of football puts in required hours in strength training, agility training and core fitness schedules. Like all other professional footballers, Rodriguez devotes ample time to rest and recovery. He is also keen and strict with his diet plans and makes adjustments as per specific requirements.

It is necessary to remember that each of these star players train under thorough guidance and supervision of professional trainers. So, if you are willing to adopt a certain pattern of training to be like your favorite football star, please ensure that you workout under trained supervision.

James Rodriguez – Get trained from professionals