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5 Weight Loss Tricks That Can Harm You

You can never be too rich and you can never be too thin… this just about wraps up the trends of the shamelessly superficial world that are widely prevalent today. While the matter of being too rich is still a matter that cannot be solved with pills and potions, the matter of losing weight can certainly be addressed in this criminally insane way. These are the days when everyone wants to squeeze into size two or size zero in a sort of glamour induced daze not understanding the potentially lethal consequences that may follow soon after. If you love your life, here are 5 weight loss tricks that you need to strictly stay away from …

Pills and potions – There is never a shortcut to anything worthwhile and this is applicable to weight loss too. Pills and potions usually work in infinite different ways, some of which kill the desire to eat while the rest blatantly soak up nutrition from the food that you ingest. There are certain pills that bloat up on reaching your stomach deceiving your body to believe that you are full. End of the day, you choke up on nutrition, lose all your energy, develop 50 different illnesses and look 10 years older than your present age.

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Starving – Skipping one meal a day often escalates to missing two, followed by three, which is when the body sets off its emergency alarm. Starving is another way of denying nutrition to your body which again will make you grey 10 times faster than give you a shapely silhouette. It is a sad and shameful thing to do and is often preceded by a sense of manic desperation.

Overdoing with fad diets – Quick tips and techniques to lose 10 pounds in 1 week; Unbeatable way to beat stomach fat in 3 days so on and so forth are certainly tempting, but even the best of fad diet plans have gaping loopholes in them. More often than not, they are meant to be followed for a couple of weeks or a month to the most for witnessing optimum results. However, stretching it on for any longer can put your body to severe stress while claiming nutrition critically.

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Laxatives – You usually eat laxatives when you suffer constipation. But certain geniuses have figured out how to use the same to release almost everything that goes into the stomach even before the organ gets a chance to digest the ingested food. 10 to 20 pills at a time are what it takes, and certain clueless enthusiasts go up to about a shocking 30 pills a day. Critical lack of nutrition is the inevitable result along with numerous other gastrointestinal disorders.

Throw up after meals – The only time self induced gagging is acceptable is when people accidentally or intentionally swallow poison or other hazardous substances. However, certain weight loss enthusiasts seem to have taken this technique to a different level. To satiate their taste buds followed by throwing up the food so ingested leaves the stomach spotlessly bare. Under such manic cases, if gastric ulcers don’t claim the better of the person, depression soon does.