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5 Ways To Lose Weight While Hanging Out With Your Friends

Hanging out with your friends the conventional way can be one of the many reasons you are putting on the pounds around your waistline. All that drinking, the wines and the vodkas along with a surplus of lard laden snacks and dinner can cost you your otherwise shapely silhouette. The truth is, alcohol and snacks are not the only companions to a great get together. In fact, are certain unique ways in which you can hang out with your which will actually promote weight loss than the other way round. Here are 5 of these options that you can try out almost instantly…

Meet as a Yoga-Group – This is an instantly refreshing option that will leave you wondering why you did not try it out before. Instead of meeting your friends in a bar and gulping down 10 shots of vodka in the name of fun, try connecting through Yoga in classes at home for a pleasantly different experience. Practicing breathing exercises, postures and meditation at least 2 days a week along with your friends will not just make your meetings interesting, it will also grant a very positive purpose to it all. At the end of the session, you can catch up with the gossip as well!

Yoga Group

Home cooked healthy fun – Instead of rushing to the nearby restaurant and splurging on foods that will stress your gastrointestinal system by the end of the day, try arranging a pot-luck with home cooked healthy foods. The internet is ever flowing with recipes that are sure to be tasty, calorie restricted as well as easy on the pocket! So, at the end of the day, you will not just be on the safer side as far as weight is concerned, you will also be gaining as far as being wise with money is concerned.

Home cooked healthy fun

Trekking and camping – Whoever said ladies are not adventurous! When planning your next weekend meeting, plan out a trekking or camping trip to a nearby location. Pack your back pack and get going for miles at a stretch, working out your legs and glutes in the process! Choose to trek through hilly areas (with guaranteed safety though) and camp if you please. Make your own fire, peg your tents and carry only bare minimum foods that will be necessary to keep you energized through the 24 hours course. Then watch the different in your waistline in as less as a day!

Trekking and camping

Gym ladies – Sign up for gym classes together. Work out the bums and tums together while keeping a close watch in your progress and that of your friends! Meet up in the juice bar (if any) in the gym later, and catch up with all the gossip that you may have missed through the week. After a thorough workout, you will not want to sip anything more than a glass of fresh fruit juice, which is a welcome alternative to alcohol and oily, salty / sugary snacks.

Gym ladies

Put on Your Dancing Shoes! – Waltz, tango, jazz or even the Mexican hat dance for that matter… just put on your dancing shoes and dance away your blues… There is no better tried and tested way to shed weight while shedding stress and depression as well!