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8 Ways Trying to Lose Weight is Like Dating

Try, try until you succeed… these words of wisdom apply as much to dating as it does to the process of losing weight. Weight watchers and seekers of love who are constantly being hugged by de-motivation and then stampeded by gloom, here are 8 bits of revelations that will surely encourage you to walk the extra mile.

It is great to start something new… It is always exiting to break free of stagnation and try something new and adventurous. Whether you start with dating or with a weight loss program, you allow a breath of freshness into your life and channel your energy in a productive direction. You anticipate what will happen by the end of it, which keeps you on your toes and your heart beating for something good.

You will certainly rethink your wardrobe… The process of losing weight and the process of dating calls for new inclusions in your wardrobe. Whether it is about impressing your date or about being flexible enough to whip yourself to shape, new clothes that are suitable for the purpose, count in every way possible.

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You will be better off not overdoing your efforts… Thirdly, you cannot overdo your efforts in dating or in your weight loss program. As far as the former is concerned, your over enthusiasm may inspire your date to leg it when there is still time. As far as the latter is concerned, you may end up injuring your health.

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You will have to choose right… Whether it is about your date or your weight loss program, it is imperative that you choose right. For example, you need to choose your date based on your level of compatibility, lest you may end up wasting time. Similarly, you need to choose your weight loss program carefully so that you don’t land with fad routines that will leave you undernourished and weak by the end of it all.

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You may feel like giving up every two weeks… This is a similarity that you cannot deny. While dating and while trying to shed excess pounds, you may feel like giving up every two weeks. You may keep second guessing your choice and wonder if any result is actually coming out of it. You may also consider a reboot and come out with something different.

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The slightest change for the better gives hope… After the initial period of guessing and second guessing is over and slight improvements are experienced, an explosion of hope is seen to dawn on the ever enthusiastic fitness enthusiasts and dating hopefuls. This propels the same to walk the extra mile.

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You may fail and give up, but resume trying shortly… This happens. Whether in the process of losing weight or in the process of dating, there comes a time when hope disappears and tiny pockets of failures creep up when you are not watching closely. However, in either case, this is just a phase that passes by sooner than it arrived.