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9 Best Weight Loss Tips Ever

Losing weight and getting back to shape is a challenge and there are no two ways about it. You will have to put your best foot forward and will have to slog it through and then be prepared to face the consequences. The consequences will depend upon what methods and techniques you have followed.

Say for example, if you have starved yourself while following some desperate celeb diet; be prepared to look 50 years older than what you are while sporting the frame of Grim the Reaper. Similarly, if you have chosen to take it easy and adopted the ‘eat well and workout’ schedule, you will reap the rewards in the form of a glamorous silhouette.

For the wise ones though, who are ready to take it slow and steady and wish to slim down while sporting a youthful glow on their visage making them look years younger than what their chronological age may truly be, here are 9 tips that are sure to help…

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1)      Early to bed and early to rise – Humans are not nocturnal by nature. So, our metabolism is designed to function in tune with the lark and not the owl. Going to bed at a decent time and waking early promotes good metabolism that ensures better burning of food and thus play an enhanced role in weight loss.

2)      Eat breakfast – If you eat proper breakfast, you are likely to feel less hungry for lunch and will be able to manage dinner better. The body will also not enter a no-food shock mode, thus preventing in excessive storage of fat.

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3)      Drink plenty of water – Water contains zero calories, keeps you full which prevents overeating while flushing out toxins from the body. Fresh fruit and vegetable juice is also a welcome inclusion.

4)      Cut down on all things refined – Refined food is instant fat. Cut down all things refined like refined flour, refined sugar, refined oils and processed foods and include wholesome meals and food options to your diet for quicker weight loss.

5)      Increase natural fiber intake – Fruits and vegetables contain fiber which is instrumental in gently scraping the colon clean. It also regulates blood sugar in the body and plays a direct role in curbing weight gain.

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6)      Increase proteins – Ensure that the protein content in your diet is more than carbohydrate content. Eggs, lean meat and fish can be mentioned in this respect. This is a proven way for faster weight loss.

7)      Opt for healthy snacking – Choose roasted nuts, fresh fruits and chopped veggies as snacks than packed sugar rich food. This is assists slow and steady weight loss.

8)      Spend at least 20 minutes for brisk exercises – Exercising is non-negotiable when it comes to losing weight the healthy way. Spend 20 good minutes for power packed cardio exercises for quicker weight loss and an enviable silhouette.

9)      Set achievable goals – Losing excess fat, flabs and excess poundage can be a challenge for those who may be working towards a thoroughly non achievable goal. Give time and set achievable targets to actually see results and be happy with it.

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