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7 Ways To Improve Lung Capacity After Smoking

There is no better way of slow poisoning oneself than exposing your lungs to highly toxic and proven carcinogenic nicotine. Like the highly polluted atmosphere of the 21st century was not enough to claim lives that cigarettes had to be introduced to the world of the weak willed! The worst part about smoking is the damage caused to the lungs. Being like sponges, these organs that are otherwise meant to absorb and pass on oxygen to the body system end up collecting tar which causes severe clogging and in turn decreases the lung capacity massively.

Decreased lung capacity can manifest itself in infinite different ways that directly collide with the normal functioning of an individual. Form shortness of breath to easy fatigue, from inability to endure minimum physical stress to incessant coughing after every second word uttered… and this is just the tip of the ice berg. For those who wish to mend their ways and return their lungs to health, here are 7 good ways to improve lung capacity while you are in the process of trying to quit the habit…

1) Kick boxing – cardiovascular exercises cab do wonders for improving lung capacity and nothing beats kick boxing in this respect. In this activity, there is usually no scope of cutting slack while training with good trainers. All you have to do is invest 20 minutes of your time and see how all the huffing and puffing reduces by the next few weeks.

Swimming for health

2) Swimming – For those with access to swimming pools can invest at least 30 minutes in proper free style laps. Swimming is also one of the best known cardio exercises that have been in existence through centuries. With all the water that you have to brave on your face, your lung capacity is bound to improve in weeks.

3) Yoga with breathing exercises – There are a number of yogic postures that open up your chest and slowly mend the damages caused by breathable pollutants, be it atmospheric pollution or nicotine. Breathing exercises like ‘Pranayam’ etc works on a different plane altogether to health in damages than simply increase lung capacity.

Brisk walking for healthy lungs

4) Brisk waking – Brisk walking is light cardio exercise which causes slow yet steady improvement in lung capacity. Ensuring early morning walks can help in breathing in fresher air that will give the lungs its necessary boost.

5) Detox diet – Follow up any activity with detox diet which ensures elimination of toxins from the blood stream altogether. Fresh fruits and colored veggies, lime juice and water can work wonders. Reducing cooked meals to bare minimum is also a good idea.

Detox diet drinks

6) Laughter – Switch on your favorite comedy series and laugh it out loud. Laughter is a proven method for improving lung capacity while brightening up your day and relieving stress. If you are finding it difficult, seek help from loved one and induce laughter by tickling.

7) Keep whistling tunes – Whistling tunes in the bathroom can help improve lung capacity by leaps. You could also try musical instruments like flute and trumpet for a joyous and melodious path to improving lung capacity.

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