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Find the immunity boosting foods to fight Ebola best

Prevention is better than cure! Yes you have learnt about this since early school days, but time and situation often distance us from the simple hygiene and sanitation, leading us to confront acute deadly diseases.  However, outbreak of some severe diseases compels us to take immediate and strict measure.  Talking about such an epidemic, Ebola is the biggest threat in today’s time.  From basic hygiene checks to major diets, take all what comes to the list to fighting healthy becomes the ultimatum. Age, diet, psychological stress, and exercise, all of it counts in a proper immunity response.

Higher level of immunity offers better chances of surviving infections says, Professor Babalola.

According to extensive research healthy food and proper diet plays a pivotal role in boosting higher immunities and combating Ebola virus. Let us check out some of the major diets that should be a part of your meal to beat the purpose.

  1. Smart cousins: Ginger, Onion, Garlic 

Three smart cousins are zesty in spicing up all your favorite dishes and drink with its pungent, warm, tangy and aromatic taste that has major benefits you might have never thought before. Garlic called Allium sativum, ginger called Zingiber officinale and onions known as Allium cepa are high immune boosters.


Chop couple of garlic cloves, mince the gingers or toss them in to the marinades and soups, and sauté the onion into the different dishes; try the three musketeers in all the chef style you please. They will only benefit you with best good anti-bacterial, antiviral properties. Lower your cholesterol and reduce high blood pressure. Stimulating the immune cells, they help fighting viral, fungal and major infections.  However consuming them raw especially raw onions produces stronger immune effect. Allicin, quercetin and anti-inflammatory chemicals these also stimulate blood circulations.


  1. White Blood Cells builder: Eggs, Fish, Tomatoes and Yoghurt 

Suffering from deficiency of white blood cells? All you need is eggs, fishes, tomatoes and some yoghurt. Eggs are packed with useful amino acids, B- vitamins, Zinc.  The fresh, tangy tomato rich diet for at least three weeks, followed by a no tomato week, makes your body to fetch the super active infection fighting white blood cells. It helps in sustaining 387 percent more than consuming no tomato products. Researchers also say that tomato acting as an anti-oxidant enhances WBC in resisting the damage effects caused by free radicals.


Yoghurt is speculated to be healthy bacteria that help the intestinal tract free of any disease causing germs. Studies from the University of Vienna, Austria reveals how daily consumption of yoghurt that contains Lactobacillus reuteri helps in invigorating the white blood cells or WBCs and boosts the immunity.

  1. Vitamin specialist: Carrots and Fluted Pumpkins

Source of major vitamin A and vitamin C, carrots and fluted pumpkins are two best diet options. Carrots being the high source of beta-carotene gets converted to vitamin A escalate a healthy and energized living. So, how is vitamin A helpful? They play the significant role of producing connective tissue which is the key component of skin. Fluted pumpkin also called Ugwu is rich with vitamins and minerals helping in clear vision and keeping our skin fresh. It also aids in healing wounds faster, making your immune system higher.


So, start using the easy means and rescue your life from the biggest maladies like Ebola.