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Healthy Thanksgiving Food Swaps

The holiday season usually adds a lot more to your system than plain unadulterated happiness. If you come face to face with the fact that an average individual shows the tendency to gain about a 3 to 4 pounds or more through the festive season, you will be sure to consider bringing a healthier portion of happiness in to your plate than otherwise. It does not take much and no, you don’t have to relax on your turkey. A few healthy and often imperceptible food swaps can prove amply beneficial for your overall health after the festive season comes to a close and you will be able to make it to work without having to invest in new set of clothes. Here are a few options you can give a shot for good…

Turkey dinner for thanksgiving

Pack the Potatoes – Potatoes the traditional way is rightly termed unparalleled, but then, the healthier baked options are just as good. This is also a great swap for the candied yams which contain near about 215 calories in half a cup. This way, you can do away with 100 extra calories if you choose to make this swap which is the first step to bring health to your table.

Go Easy on the Alcohol – ‘tis the season to be jolly alright, but then getting that much awaited green signal to pack on the alcohol can leave you with a mighty belly and a few extra chins by the end of the season. Try and substitute your alcoholic beverages with more harmless options like wine spritzers or even fresh fruit juices for that matter. You can make such switches for the sake of your health and not many enlightened individuals will raise eyebrows to this change.

About the Turkey – No. You don’t have to switch the turkey with anything else. All you have to do is focus on the white meat more than the dark. The simple reason is that the darker meat is richer with twice the amount of fat than the white parts, which is a reason good enough to give it a miss.

Enlightening yourself about healthier stuffing also makes a massive difference to the turkey you serve. There may be a little lack of time, but banking upon homemade stuffing is always a better choice. All it takes are diced vegetables, a little olive oil and some wholegrain bread with seasoning of your choice… and you are ready for a tasty and healthy meal.

A little effort can be extended towards the sauces and gravy as well sticking to healthier recipes and minimizing the amount of lard.

Desserts – As far as desserts go, pumpkin pie is counted among the most delicious and perhaps the healthiest options you can go for. So, you can let the apple pies and the apple crumbles and the pecan pies a rest and bring pumpkin pies to the table instead, in unique and mouth watering recipes. This way, you will not just save yourself from a couple of hundred additional calories but get a healthy dose of vital nutrients as well.