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Ingredients Nutritionists Always Avoid

The essence of all things bright and beautiful and all things big and small indeed lies in the finer details. This is true with respect to the wide and rather celebrated world of food as well, especially the ones that are widely upheld by the trends of the 21st century market. More often than not, us the ordinary get more influenced by the matter of taste with very little information as to what actually goes into making these little bursts of packed happiness. Some of the ingredients that may be found merely in traces can be bad enough to cause serious diseases like cancer as well as chronic heart conditions.

Here is a list of such ingredients that are otherwise found commonly in innumerable popular foods but can be life threatening if taken without control or without sufficient enlightenment. In fact, these are also the ingredients that nutritionists from all over the world stay at a safe distance from…

Trans fat

Trans fat – This is an extremely common ingredient that is present merely in traces in many packed food. It is usually added to increase shelf life of the packed products. However, while it manages to enhance the life span of the eatables, it ends up biting off a sizeable chunk from the health of person eating the same. Trans fat, which is also mentioned in the food labels as partially hydrogenated vegetable oil is responsible for adding bad cholesterol to the system, exposing people the developing heart problems and stroke.

Fractionated palm kernel oil – Fractionated palm kernel oil is usually used to prevent the chocolate coating on candies, cereal bars and wafers from melting. While this is a natural ingredient, the process of fractionating makes the oil thicker with the retention of very high solid fat percentage which eventually goes on to add to your fat, flab and poundage.

Artificial sweeteners – From chewing gums to packed desserts, artificial sweeteners have become a very popular ingredient for weight watchers. However, nutritionists have drawn the attention of the undeniable fact that this ingredient, while sporting zero calories, is massively responsible for increasing craving for all things sugar. At the same time, artificial sweeteners have also been linked with raising blood sugar levels which can have a more damaging effect that a spoonful of regular sugar.

Artificial sweeteners

MSG (Monosodium Glutamate) – MSG is one such ingredient that almost all kitchens had in store even a few years ago, till recently when the nutritionists world over gonged the alarm bells for good. This otherwise tongue tingling taste enhancer has been linked with a number of brain related issues which starts with thorough damage of the brain cells. Diseases like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s has been linked with this ingredient. Besides this, issues like obesity, fatigue, headaches, depression, eye problems etc have been connected with regular consumption of this ingredient.

Awareness and alertness is all that it takes to ensure keeping harmful ingredients as the mentioned at a safe distance from your diet. Nutritionists suggest reading through the list of ingredients printed in the food cans or packets thoroughly before introducing it to your kitchen.