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Jennifer Lopez Gets A New Body At 44, Loses 10 Pounds – Can You?

J Lo has yet again proved to the world that age is just a number. Today, at 44, and 10 pound lighter, she is perhaps at her all time best with chiseled body and awe inspiring booty. There is perhaps nothing that can stop this charmer to rock the screen this season and next. What is even better is fact that J Lo is out with her secret behind this amazing silhouette which has managed to tackle all post pregnancy excesses with an unbelievable stroke of success.


For all those wondering how she does it, the credit can be extended to a combination of strict diet plan along with a rigorous exercise schedule. These two factors have played a massive role in squeezing the otherwise size-4 star celeb into a svelte size-2.

If you want something so bad, you will have to ‘work’ for it and nothing is going to come easy. This is what J Lo believes and expresses before her fans who wish to get into the same shape as her. As far as diet is concerned, J Lo has been going vegan way for a while with lactose free, gluten free and meat free food. She has also shown considerable inclination towards Borges 22 Days Cherry Chocolate Bliss protein bar.

Starving is never the solution to a great body and this is what the glamorous mother of 2 banks her faith on. Eating frequent meals and keeping ‘greed’ at a comfortable distance has been earmarked as imperative by the latter.

As far as her workout schedule goes, J Lo has embraced the Tracy Anderson Method of workout which includes 9 to 13 different exercises that work on different muscle groups of the body. the method also includes changing of the workout plan every 10 days to expose the body to frequent challenges that it has to overcome. The diva also includes planks in her training schedule with special focus on the posterior.

The question now is, whether you can keep up with the diva or would be better off with your own routine. For this, you will have to understand that J Lo is a celebrity with infinite people working on her and with her to maintain her level of fitness and shape. You, on the other hand, may have plenty on your plate already, your profession, home, children etc to name a few while having your own physical limits when it comes to working out and diet maintenance.

so, before embarking on the same routine as J Lo, it is a must that you undergo an enlightened approach and consult professionals before launching your ambitions. If you feel that squeezing into size 2 in 4 weeks could leave you vanquished, try setting achievable goals and allow more time to witness the inspired results.

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