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5 Ways To Make Your Relaxation Day Worthwhile

14th of August is here and there is no force on Earth that can snatch away your inalienable right to relax on the very next day! On the 15th August, the world is your stage and you can do all that is in your power to bust every inch of stress you accumulated since the beginning of the year. If you find yourself overwhelmed with the sudden exposure to 24 hours all dedicated to unwinding and relaxing, here are a few options to make 15th August special and worthwhile without wasting time thinking what to do and what not to do…


• Spend a day in the spa – Get hold of that gift voucher for a day in a plush spa that may be running out of time and head straight out to experience a few hours in ‘heaven’. The effects are sure to last for a good few days!

• Get out of the crowded city and enjoy the green outskirts – If you have been lucky enough to get a day off from your office, start your day early and head out of the bustle of the city. Enjoy the day in calm serenity in the lap of nature in the outskirts. Pet a domestic farm animal, swim in the lake and feast your eyes on the lush green meadows… there could be no better way to get closer to God!

• Catch up with old friends – If you have ignored your cherished friends for a while owing to your strictly unaccommodating schedule, plan up and catch up with the lot and experience a hearty evening. Catching up with good old refreshing chatter is a great way to relax.

• Put all tasks and chores to rest and focus only on ‘You’ – If you have been a thoroughly busy and super involved parent or an unassuming workaholic, this is the right time to bring the focus back on you. If you have any dependable friend or relatives willing to shoulder your offsprings for a day and if your boss is nice enough to extend a leave or both, forget about your present engagements and be the free spirit you used to be in your teens!

• Perfect end to the perfect day – The conclusion of the Relaxation day should be just as relaxing as the beginning of it. A luxurious fragrant bath rich with aromatic bath salts, scented candles and essential oils is sure to do the trick. Following it up with 20 minutes of tranquil meditation before you hit the bed will certainly complete the day with a touch of perfection that will only shine through your face the next day!