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Look How Jennifer Lawrence (Katniss Everdeen) Stays In Shape

Jennifer Lawrence has managed to awe the world with her thunderous performance in the Hunger Games and in on her way to awe her fans further the sequels to follow. However, it is not just her acting skills that has been tingling the curiosity of her fans. How this young and effortlessly talented actor has been keeping herself in such great shape has been just as much in focus. Standing tall at 175 cms and weighing 130 pounds, Jennifer Lawrence appears svelte, thoroughly attractive and literally fighting fit without donning even a trace of an emaciated look. For those wondering how she does it, here is a quick sneak peek into her diet and fitness regime…

Fitness routine of Jennifer Lawrence

6 weeks on intensive speed and agility training it is for Jennifer Lawrence to get into and then stay in the shape that she is in. her workout plans are always pre scheduled by weeks and all she has to do is stick to it religiously and do her best. Initially this actor had to put in 3 days a week for this intensive workout and later increased her days with increasing endurance. She puts in a lot of effort on medicine ball exercises, sprints, track drills, agility drills and stationery bike riding and a whole lot of treadmill, which she believes is the secret to her leaner frame.

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At the same time, Jennifer Lawrence falls back upon cardiovascular exercises which she believes is the key to better circulation of oxygen in the body and perfect to combat issues like stress and depression. This young actor also believes that restricting exercises to indoors is never enough especially to fuel her role in the Hunger Games and the sequels. So, she has been seen to engage in track running on certain days in the week. She also includes yoga as an important part of her workout schedule mainly because of its impact in enhancing flexibility which is critical for her role in the Hunger Games Series.

Diet routine of Jennifer Lawrence

The fact that ‘svelte’ and ‘anorexic’ are two opposite poles has been amply proved by Jennifer Lawrence. Her diet program aims at maintaining a healthy body weight while fueling her often trying exercise routines. This is perhaps one of the reasons why her plate is simple and effective while offering her the outcomes she desires. Mostly, she focuses on the intake of calories than certain specific foods.

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She does not discriminate on her options as long as her colorific intake is maintained. However, she ensures eating a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables because of the high dose of nutrients it offers. She also focuses on eating fish rather than meats for fresh lean proteins. At the same time, she focuses on proper intake of fluids in the form of tea, fresh fruit juices, and of course, a whole lot of water.

Jennifer Lawrence is a diva who has a message of enlightenment for all the young girls aiming to get into her shape. She pleads them to not opt for anorexic diets and go into skipping meals or subscribe to other unhealthy routes as such.