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Prevent Diabetes With These Easy Steps When You Still Have Time

Blaming your genes, cursing your fate and grumbling over the glamour of fast food is futile when you are on the brink of losing your battle to stay safe from diabetes. Whether type I or type II, if modern society has offered poison in fancy bottles to cause these calamities, modern science has in the other hand, granted antidote to the same in the form of enlightenment. What you have to do is seek this enlightenment and play your part in preventing this condition when you still have time.

The truth is, you can avert this rather debilitating disorder with ‘awareness’, and when it comes to awareness, everything lies in taking a quick glance at your lifestyle and altering it for the better. Here are a few aspects that can be looked into thoroughly to ensure being in health for as long as you live…

1) Eat right – To begin with, it is imperative to eat right to keep diabetes at bay. If you have been indulging way too much on refined carbohydrate rich food, ‘NOW’ would be just the right time to put a strict check on it. Eating excessive take outs should be substituted with home cooked meals. If you are a devotee of all things sweet, introducing restrictions over a period of time would help massively.

Eat right

Your food priority list should basically include a fiber rich diet. Fruits and vegetables that are rich in fiber along with whole grains and beans with a dash of seeds and nuts should feature in your everyday nutrition list. Avoiding highly processed foods is a must. You can also try going vegan every alternate week and watch miraculous results in your overall health. Most importantly, ensure drinking at least 8 to 10 glasses of water every day to speed up your race against diabetes.

2) Work out well – Sedentary lifestyle encourages diabetes, especially type II. So, it is imperative that you ensure including at least 20 minutes of cardiovascular exercises for 5 days every week. It has been seen through numerous researches that a combination of aerobic exercises with resistance training can work wonders to prohibit the approach of diabetes. If all this sounds too much to include in a week, you could simply jog on a treadmill and sweat it out while enjoying your favorite show.

Work out well

3) Go for regular checkups – When people are young like in their 20s and 30s, they tend to feel that diseases and disorders can never strike their robust physical and mental systems. However, you will only be too surprised to know that diseases and disorders don’t depend upon chronological age to set-in today. If you have been eating wrong and leading a sedentary lifestyle, you should be prepared to embrace the worst sooner than expected.

Go for regular checkups

Being aware about whether the axe has already fallen or there is still some time to get back in shape, is the only way to enhance your awareness about diabetes. And, this can only be done by approaching your doctor regularly for overall health checkups. Yearly checkup is in fact recommended for every individual especially those above the age of 35.

Besides the mentioned, prevention of diabetes and other health concerns as such is also vastly dependent upon your immediate mental condition. Stress, anger issues, depression etc are known for accelerating any health problem whatsoever. So, it is imperative that you ensure staying in a happy state of mind which will take you miles in dealing with any approaching tangible physical issues in an intangible way!

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