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Top 3 Ways To Tone Your Butt!

Your butt is a VERY significant part of your entire physical system, and it is not just aesthetics we are talking about. In this world where butts are mercilessly classified into groups like cute butt, hot butt, grandma butt, God-save-us-all butt etc, the importance of this essential area has been thoroughly compromised.

For those who are still into thinking that butts are only for show, the fact that this region offers balance and stability to the body may come as valuable information. At the same, there is a good reason why butts are called the ‘seat’ of your pants, and we can leave it to common sense to get the meaning!

Tone Your Butt

Considering the fact that butts do so much for you, the least that you could do in turn is show some ‘respect’ to it and not grill it judgement all the time. If you want to alter the shape of your butt or reduce its expanse, let it not be out of sheer motivation to look like some odd underwear model or people as such of the superficial world.

Your motivation should be channeled from your inner self to be ‘the best that YOU can be’ and not what odd parameters some other individual may have mindlessly set. There is science behind it too! Your shape is basically determined by your skeletal structure which may permit you to look anorexic if you please, but can never mimic some other person’s body type. So, no matter how hard you test your limits, you will meet only with certain dissatisfaction.

Here are however, 3 great ways to tone your butt, so that your posterior can look its individualistic best…

1) Squats – These are by far, the best known exercises to tone butt muscles. There are many different varieties of squats that you could include in your everyday routine like the normal squats and jump squats to begin with. Using props like kettle bells, resistance bands or weights can also help massively in getting the desired effects.

2) Stair climbing walking on incline – This is perhaps the simplest ways to get a thoroughly toned, no nonsense butt. Staircases, which are usually very easy to find in any ordinary everyday household can, become your best friend when it comes to shaping not just butts but your thighs as well!
Walking on an incline whether on a treadmill or any slope for that matter can work miracles on your posterior by lifting it, reducing its expanse and shaping it to complement you individual body type.

3) Martial arts – Martial arts, mostly mixed martial arts involves high intensity movement of both pairs of limbs with a considerable stress on the butt while practicing the different types of kicks. Considering the fact that most kicks originate from the hip, it is necessary to firm up the posterior while shooting the legs out. This prevents the body from losing balance and as a side effect, presents you with a killer butt!

None of these techniques, as you will notice, are devoted specifically to shape butts to suit the standards of beauty set by misled fashion trends. These are very potent exercises that contribute to your overall health with a great Butt as a valuable side effect.