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Top 5 fresh breakfasts to boost your mornings

A bright sunny morning is the best time of the day, when the sun comes up slowly rising above the window, a mesmerizing spray of aroma and some fresh crispy breakfast at the table. This time is solely yours to make a great start.  So, don’t skip the breakfast time! Here are some super easy-to-whip, stir and cook fresh breakfast ideas that will prepare you for the whole day.  From simple savories like avocado toast to a more indulgent blueberry griddle cakes, the five fresh breakfast recipes will wake you up early for a great good morning!

  1. Smoothie stirred in Mango and Yogurt

For a sunny side up, smoothie is a great option. Since the idea is fresh foods, try avoiding frozen mangoes and instead choose the fresh pieces.  This is not a typical smoothie, its thinner. If you have tried the Indian lassi, go for a shot only in the morning but evening as well.

mango and yogart smoothie

  1. Scramble and Stuffed Veggies

Know why this is one of the best fresh breakfast ideas? It is super easy to whip early morning, and the stuffed veggies inside the whole wheat made chapattis or flat bread are not boring at all, on contrary they will be so satisfying that you won’t realize you are eating finally something healthy. Wholesome fresh breakfast is the key to this recipe. The egg white, vegetables and chapattis are fluffy enough to keep hunger away for good long time and pack protein, complex carbs and nutrients all in one.

scramble and Stuffed Veggies

  1. Frittata

Using egg white for a healthy much needed protein in your diet, make the scrumptious Frittata an Italian specialty, next morning. It is simple to make, fueling to rejuvenate and absolutely fresh.  To add some taste sprinkle the classic Mediterranean ingredients like onion and spinach, while spinach can be used to add texture, nutrition and a fabulous flavor. And the idea of a low calorie high protein will be achieved with the egg white and feta. A best preparation for a weekend fresh breakfast menu as well as brunch!

Frittata 2


  1. Avocado in toast or with pear smoothie

No matter whichever way you choose to have an avocado, it gives you all the good reason to be a part of your diet. From a healthy heart, to low pressure, from controlling blood pressure, to reducing the inflammatory and degenerative disorders avocado works for it all. A super breakfast idea recommends for an avocado toast that is absolutely easy to make and incredible to your tongue. So is the avocado cum pear juice; it is smooth green and full of folic acid, containing the best soluble fiber and even the mono-saturated fatty acids.

Avocado in toast


  1. Sweet Blueberry Grits

If you have a sweet tooth, the sweet grit is the thing for you! Lip smacking taste, this hearty filling breakfast is gluten-free all set to warm you up. Don’t get much bothered with the prim and proper look of the dish; it is extremely easy to make, a matter of 10 minutes, maximum.  Workout out morning days deserves a treat like this fast polenta. Add this to your vegetarian list of recipe! All you need is fat free milk, instant polenta, dried blueberries, chopped almonds, and two spoons of honey and some cinnamon to taste.

So, boost your breakfast with these top five favorite fresh breakfast tips!