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5 Foods We Eat That Ruin Your Diet

Nowadays the most discussed topic among the youth as well as generation X is how to get in shape! You might have heard about certain foods that help you lose weight by cutting down the amount of calories you take in daily. But there are some foods that are known to be having a positive influence on your diet chart but in reality they do exactly the opposite. If you are worried about the excess fat that has accumulated in your body whether the arm jiggles or the love handles, then read on to exclude those from the food chart. Roll over your eyes on those enemies that you should not put in your platter if you are following a low-calorie diet:

1) Crackers: If you are living on crackers just with the expectation that it will make you slimmer then you are completely on the wrong track. Crackers are made of refined flour and do not contain any nutrients at all. So eating crackers won’t do any good to you as it will only add ‘hollow’ calories that will eventually get piled up in your body.


2) Caesar salad: Caesar salad is thought to play a vital role in decreasing body fat whereas it contributes to the excess flab around your body. It is a rich concoction of croutons, cheese, egg or chicken, and oil, which can only push you to the danger zone while you are fighting the flab. Caesar Salad can amount to almost 900 calories which is quite evidently not what you are coveting for, when following a strict low-cal diet.


3) Carrots: Carrots, yes this innocent looking vegetable contains the silent killer in it. Though it seems to be very useful, it has the capacity of raising the insulin level. It will act as a constraint when you want to feel lighter and elated while standing on the weighing scale after putting in your sincere efforts. So it will be wiser to eat carrots in small quantity so that the blood sugar level remains in your control.


4) Cereal bars or granola bars: Many people live by this myth that granola bars lessen the total amount of calorie intake and thus prevents weight gain. In fact many dieticians also believe the same while the story is entirely different. Granola bars are made of nuts and sugar. Nuts are nutritious elements but the sugar plays the spoil sport here. The more sugar you take, the more you ruin your plan of flaunting an hourglass figure. Cereal bars have high level of carbohydrates because of the sweetener that is used to enhance the taste. So cut down on your carbohydrate intake, say a big ‘hello’ to the world with confidence as you feel the lightness!

Cereal bars

5) Pickled Gherkins: Gherkins are pickled cucumbers that are enjoyed along with other dishes as well as separately. Cucumbers are undoubtedly good for health but it loses its good attributes when you are coating it with vinegar and salt. It absorbs the sodium that destroys the natural nutrients inside cucumbers.

Pickled Gherkins

So if your diet and exercise regimes are not giving you satisfactory results, you know by now where you are going wrong! So shake hands with green veggies go the greener way on your platter too, keeping aside these 5 foods that we often have the habit of munching on, and see the results for yourself. Debunk the myths that are associated with some foods and reshape your diet chart to get a quicker and better result!