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Top 7 Best SuperFoods For Fall

Fall may trigger the onset of all things cold, but it also brings with it a range of super foods that contain all the vital nutrients to carry you through the excesses of the season with a smile on your face and radiance on your skin. While indulging in your festive treats the coming quarter, try these 10 foods for staying in shape and boosting your immunity at the same time…

Apple and Pears – Besides the taste and the delectable fruit salads that you can enjoy, you can enjoy a burst of antioxidants, a vibrant boost of vitamin C and also all the fiber that your body needs. Eating the fruits fresh is usually suggested for best pro health benefits. However, you can also bake or roast it with your chosen spices for tongue tingling treat.

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Asparagus – Besides fighting cognitive decline, asparagus is a great source of fiber and folate. It is also rich in Vitamins A, C, E and K making it a strong package of great health. You can eat it roasted or grilled as a health promoting snack.

Beet – This is the time when beets are available aplenty everywhere you look. The advantage lies in not overlooking this super food. Besides not containing a fraction of trans fat or saturated fats, beets are recognized for their anti inflammatory properties and anti cancer properties.

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It is also a source of instant energy while containing a truckload of anti oxidants to refresh and revitalize your entire physical and mental system. So, do not let the season go without indulging in a healthy dose of beet.

Berries – While November may be a little late for Black berries and just about time for blue berries, you can still locate them in the market till the end of the year. Whether packed or fresh, ensure indulging in these natural wonders for strengthening you immunity while giving your organs the replenishment it deserves.

Carrots and Peppers – Fall may usher in a period of grey and white, but it certainly brings in colors in its carrots and peppers spread! Crunchy, tasty and power packed with essential nutrients, these low calorie options are sure to keep your body in shape and immunity at its peak. These are also the best foods for improving the health of the eyes, so backing out on it this season could spell multiple losses of opportunities to achieve great health.

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Pumpkins – Pumpkins are great sources of Vitamins K, E and B and are also counted among the best sources of non dairy and non meat proteins. At the same time, it is great for low blood pressure and for maintaining a healthy heart. If this were not enough, you can also roast pumpkin seed and eat it as a healthy snack to complete your nutrition requirements.

Swiss chards – This leafy green is just as fresh as it appears. It is rich in essential vitamins and minerals that are instrumental in boosting brain and bone health. It is recommended for reducing risks of Alzheimer’s disease while being a blessing for your hair because of its rich vitamin K contents.

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