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How Healthy Drinks Are Transformed Into Fattening Ones

Body needs fluids to survive. This is a very basic fact that cannot be denied by any organisms that have taken membership under the plant or animal kingdom. While the trillions of species are usually seen to satisfy their fluid requirement with good old H2O, it is us the humans who have walked all the way from Stone Age – through the age of the metals to the modern civilized society to bend and mold fluids to suit our taste buds more than our health. So, the market today can be seen brimming with everything other than what is actually necessary.

The consequences of the multitude of tongue tingling drinks can be devastating in many ways. Besides the impending threat of increasing blood glucose levels, claiming the dental formula by half, and threatening the gastrointestinal system with steady eventual lapse, these drinks cater to another dreaded outcome which is termed ‘obesity’. Rich in sugar and other fattening substances, these excesses are best when avoided.

However, the guilty taste buds are established conspiring criminals that have mastered the art of bending the thinking process to get what it wants. So, at the end of the day, the body remains a silent witness and sufferer of otherwise healthy drinks being transformed into fattening ones. Here are a few examples that show how this task is accomplished in most cases…

1) Killing the Friendly Fruit Juice – Fresh fruit juice is a gift of God. Packed with nutrients and free of fattening components, these are perhaps the best option of great health for all individuals young and old alike. However, the axe lands when people start discovering shortcomings and here is how it is done…

– Adding a few spoons of sugar if the drink is not sweet enough.

– Dumping a few dollops of ice cream for the sheer joy of it

– Pouring in a peg or two of rum / vodka etc to add a zing to the drink. For all you know, the latter is also a product of fruits and vegetables, festered though!

Friendly Fruit Juice

2) Assassinating Tea – There is a good reason why Tea was once accepted as the drink of the elite. Rich in a variety of antioxidants and a hoard of essential nutrients, this drink not only counters weight issues but increases brain activity while maintaining youth for years to come. However, as and when the taste buds kick in, here is what the semi-zombied tea lovers tend to do…

– Add mighty lumps of sugar to the drink

– Pour rich cream / milk to the same and

– Drink 3 to 4 cups of this lard laden concoction every single day.

Tea with a slice of Lemon

3) Slaying Shakes – If you are in the process of losing weight, shakes can be your best friend by assuming the role of mini meals. All you have to do is add chunks of fresh fruits of your choice, add a little water, blend it well in a blender and top it with healthy nuts. The touch of the taste buds, nevertheless, makes the lovers of shakes do this…

– Adding extra sugar to enhance taste

– Adding a dollop of butter to smoothen texture

– Substitute water with milk / cream

– Drizzling the top with crumbled cookies

– Drawing shapes with chocolate syrup or other varieties of syrups.

Slaying Shakes