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What To Eat And Not To Eat To Cure A Nasty Hangover

Your glorious weekend fun usually complete with an assortment of alcoholic beverages or too much of it, meets a nasty dead end with the evil named hangover. If you have woken with a heavy head and a slight ache, consider yourself blessed. For the ones who cannot hold their stuff, things can get worse. From the feeling of a million hammers being struck in your brain to heavy nausea followed by slight diarrhea are some of the excesses of hangover that the drinking enthusiasts with gentle guts usually face.

Very unfortunately, not all of us have access to the miracle cure that Jeeves meets out to Mr. Berty Wooster (characters of Sir P.G Wodehouse’ literary creations) which can bring the spring back to your step with the blink of eye. So, to make do with the next best solution would be a wise idea. Basically, it is not just about the intake of foods that matter when it comes to curing a hangover. It is just as much about what you strictly stay away from. Here is a small yet effective list that you can adhere to when you face such adverse conditions…

Foods and drinks you must try – Did you know that for every glass of alcohol you consume, you need to drink two glasses of water to counter the effects? Did you also know that alcohol is a diuretic which means that it induces frequent urination leaving your body completely dehydrated? It is thus; easy to assume how it feels when you have a dry throat and a pulsating pain in the head at the same time.

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So, the first and most essential favor that you can do to yourself to cure a hangover is to replenish your system with adequate water. Drink a liter or two if you please. Remember that any amount will be beneficial. You can also give a fair shot to coconut water and a cup of soothing peppermint tea. To replenish the lost electrolytes in your system that happens with frequent urination, you can also sip on some sports drink that is sure to help.

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When you plan a breakfast while nursing a Monday morning hangover, try including foods like eggs, oats, tomatoes, toast and some very light non greasy chicken broth. A combination of these options will certainly bring you back to health within a couple of hours or a little over.

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Foods and drinks you must avoid – At any time of the day, you must strictly stay away from drinks like coffee and orange juice while in the process of getting rid of hangovers. These drinks do more harm than good in the sense that coffee is also a diuretic and will further dehydrate your system and orange juice is strictly citrus to which an already sensitive gut will protest.

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At the same time, it is necessary that you stay away from all foods that are too spicy or too rich and heavy in ingredients. Also try to avoid leftovers from last night and stay on a detox diet for the day.

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