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10 Great Ways To Shed Weight In 5 Weeks

It is summer and time to hit the beach. If not the beach, it is perhaps the best time for pool parties. If winter has caused you add tires and flabs to your otherwise shapely self, here are a few good tips that you must give a shot to get back to shape.

1) Time to wake up and smell the fruit juice – When possessed by weight, it is necessary to give all other fluids a rest and shift your preference completely to water and fruit juice. The mentioned drinks have very low calories which at the same time can be burnt with ease and effectiveness. The nutrient content of the same is sure to keep you fresh and active through the day.


2) Snack smart curb craving – Snacking on high refined carbohydrate based food is addictive and is also the primary reason behind gaining weight. Letting go of this habit all at once, is thus, practically impossible. So, if you are finding it too difficult to bring matters under control, try snacking on food with low calorie and carbohydrate content. Substituting the usual fried fast food with a plate of fresh fruits and a handful of nuts will be more than just helpful.

3) Get into a low calorie yet healthy diet plan – Besides controlling the habit of snacking, adopting a low calorie diet for the forthcoming days will help tremendously in gaining or regaining an envious silhouette. A heavily fruit and fresh vegetable based diet without much cooking is recommended. Never miss out on your share of proteins in the form of lean meat, fish and eggs though. Red meat should be kept as far from the table as possible. If you wish to shed over 10 pounds in a span of a month, going Vegan is perhaps, the best possible solution.

4) Do Not Miss Meals – Missing meals to lose weight is an example of ignorance. Breakfast, lunch and dinner must be eaten at the right time with the right inclusions every single day. Skipping breakfast is like inviting an invisible punch in the gut. The fact that numerous researches have shown that people who skip meals are more prone to gaining weight should be inspirational.

5) Avoid alcohol – To shed weight, you need to shed the urge of not just binge eating, but binge drinking. Next time you are out to party in weekends, steer clear of the jugs of beers and other alcohol based drinks. There are large numbers of people who have experienced steady shrinking followed by eventual disappearance of their beer bellies by imposing alcohol restriction for no more than 2 weeks.

6) Adopt proper body posture – Most people who are prone to slouching do not realize that they are in fact pushing their bellies out. Stand sideways before a mirror while slouching and then straighten yourself up. The difference you see will surely take you by shock. At the same time, try not to sit at one spot for more than 30 minutes. If your favorite TV show lasts longer, get up and walk around every time a commercial break is announced. This will thwart the storage of fat in your abdomen, hips and thighs.

7) Accommodate a 20 minute rigorous workout plan in Your Daily Routine – This should not be very difficult for those who can battle laziness with success. Hard core cardio exercises followed by stretching and weights should be done for at least 5 days a week. Hopping on to a treadmill while watching your favorite TV show can be mentioned as a plan with multiple benefits in the form of avoiding snacking and sitting down for hours in the couch!

8) Keep a check on your weight – When there is an urgency to shed the load, it is necessary to keep checking the progress by stepping on the scale every 5 days or a week. Checking weight everyday however, is psychotic. Giving your body some time to show the difference matters massively in making the entire process of weight loss healthy.

9) Meditate to keep Calm – A sudden necessity to impose restriction on food, drinks and lifestyle while being overwhelmed by the set goals and targets, can send both the body and mind to a state of shock which in turn gives rise to stress. Meditating for 15 to 30 minutes can help in maintaining calm and achieve the targets without sticking straws in your hair.

10) Be Realistic with goals – Having a great shape and resembling the bag of bones featured in the glossy pages are two entirely different matters. Never go into a crash diet program to deliberately fit into size 2 clothes. Being realistic with your goals will help you achieve it and be happy with the results at the same time.

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