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10 Ways To Slow Down And Prevent Aging

It is common today to fall back upon magic potions in little bottles that guarantee plumping those fine lines and wrinkles to delay the process of aging within 5 weeks or some estimated time frame as such. This basically reveals that people of the 21st century associate ‘aging’ only with how good your skin looks. The truth that often gets ignored is the fact that aging is never skin deep. In fact, it is far deeper and wider than the scope of any odd creams and lotions to address single handedly.

If you really want to slow down the process of aging, you will have to take a holistic 3 way approach which includes perfecting your diet, engaging in exercises and attending to the daily care regimen. Here are 10 undeniably effective ways that will not just work to take away the fine lines and wrinkles from your skin but, ensure that your body remains youthful for as long as you can foresee…

Diet to Prevent Aging

  • Fresh Fruits and Greens – Rich dose of antioxidants, essentials Vitamins and minerals, fruits and vegetables must form a part of your everyday diet. Apples, oranges, blue berries, avocadoes, pears, peaches and almost all seasonal fruits and vegetables work on a cellular level to slowdown the process of aging.
  • Omega 3 – Omega 3 fatty acids are also known to slow down aging at a cellular level while boosting your brain activity. It is found primarily in cold water fishes like Salmon.

omega 3 fatty acid

  • Stay Away from Junk Food – There is a reason why junk food is called ‘junk’. Heavily refined carbohydrates, sugar rich treats and packed packets of harmful lard usually have no nutrients to offer to the body while stressing the gastrointestinal system which goes on to accelerate the process of aging.
  • Stay Hydrated – Drink at least 8 glasses of water and other fluids like fresh fruit and vegetable juice every day. This flushes out toxins from your system making you more youthful and glowing naturally.

stay hydrated

Workout to Slow down Aging

  • Say Hello to Yoga – Yoga as a method to slow down aging has been tried and tested through thousands of years for fool proof benefits. At least 30 minutes of Yoga every day is your ticket to eternal youth.


  • Light Cardio – Like cardio exercises like brisk walking, swimming etc and heavier options like martial arts and mixed martial arts like kick boxing etc gives the much necessary boost to your heart keeping it functioning like it never aged. The impact shows on your skin as well.
  • Weight Training – Doing weight training on the other hand keeps your bones strong and muscles toned giving you a youthful body to go with a youthful visage.

Daily Care Regimen

  • Keep Skin Hydrated – Moisture is the key to youthful skin and maintaining its elasticity as well. Ensure moisturizing your body along with your face after bath.
  • Cleanse Tone Moisturize – This is a routine that should never be given a miss. It is imperative to cleanse tone and moisturize your face with quality products for long term benefits.


  • Remove Makeup Before Hitting BedAlways remove face, eye and lip makeup before going to bed. Traces of makeup clogging your pores can be as good as sending out invitations to premature spots and wrinkles on your face.

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