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5 Cooking Mistakes We Make That Leads To Weight Gain

How often have you asked whether your love for cooking is taking a toll on your body’s need for nutrition and packing in the pounds you can do without? For all the sautés and shallow frying and baking to roasting, are you actually doing a favor to your physical system or obliviously taking away from it? The love for cuisine and culinary delights has brought infinite different innovations in how you bring your food to your plate, and this may not always be at its healthiest as you may think. Here are 5 very common mistakes that are made while cooking that actually allows excess weight to creep in…

The Portion Size – Whether enlightened or not, there is very little that people do when it comes to deciding how much to cook and how much to spare. The measuring cups and spoons may be well at hand, but deciding upon a little more for ‘just in case’ situations is faced by almost every individual who are yet to develop iron will. Enhanced portion size is a license to eat a little more with obvious outcomes.

The Oil Crisis – This is where innumerable kitchens lose their battle with lard. The introduction of healthier options of oil may be a relief but this is not a green signal to switch back over to pouring than the slight drizzle. Oil is the main container of lard and there are no two ways about it. The more you use, greater will be your chances of adding on the tires. Simple solutions lie is steaming the food or oil free roasting / baking with results just as good.

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The Add-ins – The mayonnaise on your pasta, the chocolate sauce on your fruit platter, the milk chocolate chips on your smoothie and many more is a route creeping towards weight gain. You may think, a little could do no harm. But when the little add-ins continue day after day, gaining weight under the skin is almost inevitable.

Losing the Spices – If some wise genius has proclaimed that spicy food is bad for health, this may be time to reconsider. Spices work wonders when it comes to shedding managing weight and has been named in playing their part in burning out the calories. Thus, it is an essential ingredient to make your everyday meals more flavorful while keeping weight in check as well.

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Mismanagement of Protein-Carb ratio – Striking a balance between proteins and carbs is crucial when it comes to gaining muscles and losing fat. However, in the larger section of the population, protein intake in still very less compared to the intake of carbs. This is one of the main reasons why the excess carbs end up getting stored as fat while the effects of proteins remain insignificant.

If you have to lose weight, your focus should be on proteins followed by carbs to a quantity that is well balanced. This done, half your worries about gaining weight because of wrong approach to cooking can be avoided.