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5 Foods (Other Than Bananas) That Are Power Packed With Potassium

The trend of the world of health and fitness world is suddenly and thankfully waking up to the matter of potassium and its importance in the body. Did you know that potassium is present in every cell of your body which makes it an integral life sustaining force without which your very existence could be questionable? The daily healthy intake of potassium should be somewhere around 4700 mg per adult. However, considering the present day fad and junk diet systems, average men consume as less as 2700 to 3200 mgs per day and women even lower to about 2400 mgs per day.

This is practically life threatening in the sense that this essential element performs innumerable different functions in the body which can get thwarted to affect healthy living in the first place. Potassium shoulders the responsibility maintaining fluid balance in the body along with maintaining the health of the nerves, heart and brain. If the required amount of potassium does not reach the physical system, havoc is sure to break loose sooner than later.

Usually, adding a couple of bananas to your breakfast is considered a relief because bananas are known for being rich in potassium. But, a medium size banana contains only around 420 mgs of potassium which makes it grossly inadequate to cover need. But, there are other sources of foods as well that are power packed with this nutrient and can bridge the gap of deficiency. Here are 5 foods that you can consider…

Winter Squash – Besides a dose of essential nutrients, a cupful of winter squash offers more than or equal to 896 mgs of potassium. You can bake it, steam or roast it for best benefits. This vegetable is light and low in calories as well and would thus serve as a great option for healthy weight loss.

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Fresh Salmon – With about 628 mgs of potassium per 100gms, salmon can be banked upon for a healthy boost of overall health. You can also indulge in fishes like halibut, mackerel and herring for just about the same benefit.

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Baked potato with skin – 100gms of baked potato with skin contains about 610 mgs of potassium. 100gms of sweet baked potato with skin contains up to about 690 mgs of potassium. This is a brilliant way to add healthy carb for your proteins while keeping your ‘K’ content high as well.

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Leafy greens – 100gms of dark leafy green vegetables, especially spinach contains about 558 mgs of potassium. A normal serving of cooked greens contain about 850 mgs of potassium. This is a thought to consider.

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Dried apricots – This is an option you cannot ignore. Per 100gms of dried apricot contains about 1162 mgs of potassium. This is a treasure trove of advantage that bananas may not be able to offer.

Mix and match of these foods can give a healthy boost of potassium to cover everyday requirements. However, in case the required amount is still not reaching your system, you can consider taking proper supplements to fill in the gap.