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Top 5 Health Benefits Of Corn

The fact that corn is used to fatten pigs has been taken way too seriously by the shape conscious humans. This has happened to an extent that a certain section of people have gone to the extent of banishing these otherwise nutritious options from their tables. While it is true that the energy content of corn is very high and stands somewhere around 350 calories per 100 grams and thus, does not feature as an ingredient in any fast weight loss diet programs, it is still one of the most nutritious foods that the Earth could possibly provide. Here are 5 top health benefits of corn that is sure to ring a bell in the heads of all who have been focusing only on the calorie part of it all…

1) Boosts Immune System of the Body with Vitamin Content – Corn is the storehouse of Vitamins A, B and E. This is thus, one of the best natural solutions to maintain the health of nerves, supporting cognitive functions, defeating signs and effects of malnutrition and also combating and neutralizing cancer causing substances in the body. The presence of vitamin E makes corn a natural combat agent for innumerable illnesses while ensuring speedy recovery from the same.

2) Promotes Overall Health – Besides the vitamin content, corn is rich in essential minerals like iron, copper, zinc, manganese, magnesium and phosphorus. This makes corn one of the best foods for supporting overall health. The presence of iron in required quantity ensures prevention of anemia especially in mothers to be. Secondly, the presence of phosphorus supports healthy bone development in the individuals in their growing years and maintenance of bone health in the grownups.

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3) Maintains a Healthy Colon – One of the properties of corn that no one can deny is roughage. The presence of roughage is integral in ensuring a clean colon and thus, maintaining its overall health. If you wish to gift yourself a life that is free of severe colon ailments like colitis or even developing the risk of colon cancer, it is imperative to include a healthy dose of corn in your everyday diet.

4) Anti Diabetes Properties – An explosion of nutrients in corn has been associated with its ability to manage diabetes mellitus. Through various researches it has been concluded that regular intake of corn can actually reduce the signs of diabetes. At the same time, phytochemicals present in corn helps in the regulation of insulin in diabetic patients which keeps them free from unexpected sharp increases and falls of the same.

5) Maintenance of Healthy Skin – The rich dose of nutrients in corn makes it ideal for adding a touch of glow in your skin. In fact, many companies manufacturing cosmetic products have chosen corn starch as their star ingredient for combating a number of different skin issues.

So, even though corn may not feature in fast weight loss solutions, it can certainly top the list of best diet tips ever.

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