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Foods That Kill Your Brain Before Time

Your brain is perhaps the most important part of your body considering the fact that it has been vested with controlling near about all functions that your body performs. From you sleeping to your waking moments, every second of your life is managed by this mighty powerhouse. This is perhaps the reason why you must do everything within your reach to ensure that your brain is in best health and does not give in to degenerative diseases / disorders way before its due time. Nutrition plays a very important role in maintaining brain health and this does not just refer to the foods that you ‘should’ eat. Equal emphasis must also be put into the matter of ‘what not to eat’ to serve the same cause.

More often than not, the foods that can cast a very negative impact on the brain are the ones that we find on our plates on a regular basis, as a part of a daily balanced diet. Being aware about what to stay clear of when there is still time, can save a lot of trouble in the later years of life. For those who have just woken up to foods that kill the brain before due time, here is a list including a few options that is most likely to help…

All Things Sugar – Excessive intake of sugar rich foods is not just bad for your weight but is just as bad for your brain health as well. it has been seen that people who indulge in such foods for more than three times in a week suffer more cognitive lapses than those who don’t. Loss of concentration, difficulty in memorizing things and even fatigue are some of the symptoms that you need to watch out for.

Sugar things

Tuna – Fish is usually considered a blessing for good health. But not all fish serve this pro health purpose. Fishes that are very high is mercury content actually cause more harm to the body and brain than otherwise. Tuna can be mentioned among the popular fish options that are very high in mercury content and also form a regular part of an average diet.

Tuna fish

Egg Whites – There is a reason why the whites and the yellow of eggs are not packed separately by nature. When you focus on the white of the eggs while throwing out the yellow for fear of gaining weight and doing your heart a good turn, you also throw out a very essential nuroprotective nutrient called ‘choline’ which helps in preventing cognitive retardation in the later years of life.

egg whites

Foods Rich In Trans Fat – Trans fat is present in more or less all fast foods in varying levels. Some contain significant amounts while others contain traces. In either ways, it leads to brain inflammation and plaguing which again leads to steady cognitive decline.

Foods Rich In Trans Fat

In fact, a study had revealed that people with high intake of trans fat experienced thorough brain shrinkage compared to those who stayed clear of this toxic food ingredient.

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