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5 Misconceptions Nurtured About Healthy Diet Tips

With a jaw dropping number of gastrointestinal cases surfacing by each passing day and the overall gloom that it is spreading in the lives of unsuspecting individuals, the matter of health and healthy eating has rightfully taken precedence over all other calamities. These are the days when people have begun to believe that resembling stick figures is perhaps the ticket to acceptance in the world so enthralled by superficial and false ideas of beauty.

So, all diet plans and eating habits of the larger section of the world populace is directed towards achieving this morbid end. Misconceptions thus born, is in the process of getting perpetuated, paving the way steadily towards impending doom.

Here are 5 misconceptions about so-called ‘healthy diet tips’ that people have been harboring wrongly for a very long time. These misconceptions need urgent clarifications so that people as young as in their 30s don’t end up depending upon heavy make up to add glow to their cheeks.

Healthy Diet Tips

1) Ban all Oil Intake – A healthy dash of oil in everyday diet has health enhancing benefits. Fish oils and olive oils in fact, play an amazing role in keeping your heart beating for the better. Banning them entirely from your diet will show in the form of dulling skin, early arrival of wrinkles, increased brittleness of bones and joints and devastations of the like. You don’t have to drink oil, butter or grease of any variety by the buckets. A spoonful or two should always be welcome.

2) Skip one Meal Snack on Cereal Instead – In very simple words, this is ROT! The concept of breakfast, lunch and dinner has been made for a purpose. Skipping any one of them can be eventually devastating. What matters is maintaining the time of the meal intake and its contents. The body is designed to handle the rest successfully. Most cereals on the other hand, even the diet centered ones are rich in refined carbohydrates the sole contribution of which is irremovable ‘fat’ in all the wrong places.

3) Ban All Milk Products and Meat – The question here is, whatever happened to ‘protein’? How will the cell renewal process in your body take place if you cut out all protein? If you are one of those who like working out, you will need your share of protein to prevent your body from entering into shock. What is important though is moderation in your intakes. Say for example a healthy amount of tofu / cottage cheese or lean meat will help you stay young and strong for long.

4) Cut out on all Sugar – If sugar was intended to be your enemy, then nature would perhaps not created it in the first place, leave alone blessing the fruits and vegetables with the same. even your tongue would not have had a special ‘sweet perception zone’ in its elaborately distributed taste buds. Avoiding excesses and sticking to moderation is important. In fact, it may do one good to realize before it is too late that artificial so-called ‘calorie-free’ sweeteners are much more harmful than the product of mother Earth.

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