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4 Thoughtful Things Parents Can Do To Make A Difference On 12th August, Youth Day

The future of the Earth and the fate of humankind are vested in the hands of the youth of the world. They are the storehouse of potential which gives them the power to make or break possibilities of a brighter future for the entire human civilization. However, as it has been seen in infinite cases, the youth of the present century have taken way too much on all things superficial and have displayed a sizeable drift from what is actually important.

quit smoking

Excessive late nights, following extremely unhealthy and near-death fad diets, using banned narcotic substances for the sake of some distorted variety of ‘fun’ and things of the sort have claimed the future of those who are themselves meant to father the future. 12th of August has thus been introduced as Youth Day to bring to the notice of everyone who falls within the age group to understand their importance in the world and learn to contribute for the better.

Introducing winds of change can be easier with the involvement of parents of the section of youth who may be students and are still living under the guidance of their parents. Here are 4 thoughtful ways in which parents can make a momentous difference right on the 12th of August in the lives of their children who are in the process of stepping into vibrant and exuberant youth …

  • Introduction to sports – Sports is one of the best ways to keep the feel good hormones pumping through the young veins keeping them active, alert, focused and tactful. There could be nothing better than introducing your son / daughter to sports that they may be interested in.
  • One day of community service – There is no better way to understand responsibility towards the society than extending help for community service. Encouraging the youth to spend at least 4 hours of the morning of the Youth Day to help clean parks, assisting the elderly or the differently-abled etc can be very enriching.
  • Inspire to Donate – The society has given you enough and this is your time to start contributing back to the society. The youth day is the best day to introduce the future movers and shakers to one of the most divine virtues humans can bestow on their fellow creatures. Be it your old clothes or blankets, food for the under-privileged or your old toys to the special children, no donation is ever too little if it benefits someone in need.
  • Make a resolution to quit one bad habit – Bad habits are forgivable when you make a conscious effort to quit. This is thus, the day when responsible parents must communicate the vices of habits like recreational drugs, smoking, alcoholism etc to the youth who are marching well towards such often irrecoverable darkness.

Making the latter commit to quit any such habits in the process of development; opening their eyes to a world of physical activities and holding mirror to their inner divine self that can contribute to the society than take from it, is sure to guarantee a team of future leaders who will actually lead humankind to better days.