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Top 10 Foods Nutritionists Always Keep In Their Refrigerator

There are many reasons why your refrigerator can be your best friend. For all the beers it stocks, for all the ice it produces and all the leftovers that t shelves, it could be handed the Pal of the Year award. However, when it comes to nutritionists, the equation seems to be slightly different. For these geniuses, the refrigerator is the Nutritionist of the Nutritionists, simply because they are appliances that always appear stocked with nothing but health enhancing yet delicious food inputs. Here are 10 foods that many nutritionists from world over always keep in their refrigerators…

1) Berries and fruits – Rich with infinite essential Vitamins and minerals and loaded with anti oxidants, these are perhaps the best options for snacking. Opening your fridge and pulling out of bowl of berries or a bowl of diced fruits could be a blessing to your health.

Berries and fruits

2) Lush green vegetables – Plentiful in essential nutrients and low in calories, lush green vegetables score home runs with the nutritionists. Stir fried or fresh in salads, green veggies are blessings to health and losing weight at the same time. This is thus, one of the must-haves in their refrigerators.


3) Colored vegetables – Carrots, beet roots, radish, red / yellow bell peppers and turnips are a few to mention. Chopped, diced or simply sliced, they are found loaded in the refrigerators of nutritionists who eat these sweet and tasty bursts of health as snacks or included in their meals.

4) Hot sauces and peppers – Peppers of different varieties are rich in essential vitamins and also play a role in improving metabolism and are great options to bust excess weight. Hot sauces that contain less of sugar and salt and more of healthy hot ingredients can lead to the same health benefits.

5) Eggs – Known for being a storehouse of proteins, calcium and good cholesterol, this is one of the primary foods found in the refrigerators of all those who aim for great health. Keeping them hard boiled can serve as a great any-time snack.


6) Peanut butter – Original unadulterated peanut butter contains all the essential nutrients of peanuts while eliminating all the ills of the regular butter with a dairy origin. Slapping a spoonful on your wholegrain toast can be a great snack / breakfast option.

7) Yogurt – A natural probiotic, Yogurt is the best food to store in the refrigerator for all the gut-benefits it offers. Yogurt has a lot of health benefits. Considering the fact that it counters bloating, this is a great food to keep your belly in shape. It is also a blessing for those in the process of losing weight and wish to do it in a healthy way.


8) Limes and lemons – These two boons in the form of strictly citrus are nothing but a shot of pure vitamin C. Besides being actively associated in warding off cold and flu, it also plays a very important role in weight loss.

9) Cheese – Packed with health and great in taste, cheese is always a better substitute to most salty snacks. However, it s necessary to mind your portions to stay clear of unwanted fat.


10) Sprouts – Packed with nutrients, rich in fiber and perfectly storable, this is a miracle food for humans especially those in the process of shedding a few pounds. Mix it with a cupful of yogurt and you will have a perfect low calorie yet the most nutritious meal to celebrate!

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