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7 Foods That Can Help You Lose Weight

Diet gurus world over have come to terms with the effects of fad weight loss diets which can literally amount to anorexic outcomes. This is one of the many reasons why the idea of ‘eating more to lose weight’ is being rung like an alarm bell among the masses. Basically, the idea revolves around including low calorie but filling food in one’s everyday diet along with those that have a natural bent in causing weight loss at a hormonal level. Some of these foods are found in almost all common household kitchens yet lost to negligence or even stark ignorance.

Here is a list of 7 foods that accelerate weight loss when included in everyday diet…

1) Lean Protein – A number of fad weight loss diet tips may suggest cutting down on meat, but the fact is, inclusion of a healthy portion of lean meat or any other sources of lean protein like fish / tofu / cottage cheese etc in a 2000 calorie diet causes more weight loss than otherwise. 5.5 to 10 ounces, depending upon your body weight should do the trick. Lean proteins contain less fat and contribute to adding to muscle mass. This is thus, the best option of food when it comes to obtaining a great shape in a healthy way.

2) Apples and Pears – There are two good reasons for these two miracle foods feature in any best diet tips for weight loss. To begin with, these two low fat fruits are filling and prevent desires to snack further. Secondly and most importantly, the presence of pectin fiber in the mentioned helps in decreasing blood sugar levels.

3) Green tea – Rich in antioxidants and high in nutrients, green tea is known for causing a slimming effect in the drinker. Basically, it tends to increase metabolism and thus, cause better burning of calories after every meal diet to lose weight

4) Extra virgin olive oil – This option of oil is known for numerous health benefits, weight loss being one. It has been discovered through research that people using the same amount of extra virgin olive oils in comparison with other options of grease gained lesser amount of fat in their difficult areas.

5) Grape fruit – This is counted among the miracles foods that contain natural weight loss agents. Eating grape fruit increases metabolism. Thus, eating a portion of the same before meals is a good way to burn the calories faster. At the same time, the phytochemicals present in grapefruit reduces insulin levels which again prevent the storage of calories as unwanted tires round your waist.

6) Fiber rich cereals – Fibers always counter weight gain and there is no two ways about it. There could be no better diet tip for weight loss than starting your day with a bowlful of wholegrain cereals rich in fibers.

7) Spices and Peppers – What burns your tongue also burn your calories also. Try to include spices like cinnamon and an assortment of peppers in your lunch or dinner or both, for a better chance at healthy weight loss.

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