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Fatty Foods That Will Not Make You Fat!

The idea of ‘fat’ has undergone thorough deterioration over the years. Besides been made synonymous with ‘unacceptable’ and ‘ugly’, ‘fat’ is also facing trials in numerous household courts for creeping into their food and polluting it with eternal damnation. Such has been the impact of this ‘word’ that the populace of the central earth is not as much worried about the spread of Ebola than they may be about living with ‘fat’. As a consequence, all foods that are branded as ‘fatty’ by the new fad size zero diets have been banished from infinite kitchens around the world for reasons that best befit the glossy pages.

The sad part is, with the food that are actually responsible for adding to the adipose, a number of food with ‘good fat’ have also been shown the door. This is one of those reasons that carry more of health risks than reasons to celebrate about. The sole cause behind rejecting these foods can be termed as plain simple ‘un-enlightenment’ looming in the heads of desperate hearts craving for fast weight loss in any which way that can cause their bones to stick out. Here is a list of foods which, are blessed with ‘good fat’, which is something that does not make you ‘fat’ but add to your health.

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Peanuts – Elephants love peanuts… but they don’t owe their size to them. In fact, rich with omega 3 fatty acids, a cup of roasted peanuts munched through the day as snack can gift you with enviable health with glowing skin and bouncy hair as bonus. Besides the mentioned, you will also be gifted with enhanced brain power which again, contributes to better memory and comprehension ability. So, seeing the difference between good and bad fat will become easier for you.

Eggs – An ongoing trend slams eggs guilty with adding cholesterol and fat to the system. However, before prosecuting the eggs, it is necessary to know that the fat and cholesterol added by the former is essentially good in nature. In very simple words, an egg a day keeps the doctor away. However, if you have been diagnosed with heart issues or cholesterol problems, eggs could still be your best friend, but without the ‘yellow’

Cheese – These melt in your mouth; these layer your pizzas and ooze on your sandwiches… and these are presently facing charges of causing obesity among their most loyal fans. This however, is not very true. Cheese is basically laden with a number of nutrients like Vitamin A, Vitamin, B12, calcium, zinc, phosphorus, protein etc that is only known for contributing to health than taking from it.

As far as the saturated fat fear is concerned, half ounce of cheese has never done anybody any harm. It is however, the fast food that accompanies the cheese that can be held accountable for the damages.